10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dayanara Torres

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dayanara Torres

It seem a long way away from the time that the former Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres was in a relationship with famed Latin singer and actor, Marc Anthony. Since then, Anthony married and divorced Jennifer Lopez, who is now joined to Alex Rodriguez. Torres’ name has been circulating through media once again. There appears to be a new relationship, more on that later. While the name Dayanara Torres may be vaguely familiar to some, the truth is that she is not a household name in America. In order to familiarize you with this gorgeous mother and celebrity, we decided to share 10 facts about her with you to give you a little better insight as to why she is newsworthy.

1. She Filmed a Film for Director Jacobo Morales

There is no doubt that winning the Miss Universe pageant will open up doors for all types of opportunities. In 1993, after winning the Miss Universe crown, Dayanara was offered a role in a film directed by famed and highly touted Peurto Rican film director Jacobo Morales. It would be the first of many opportunities that her new fame would earn for her.

2. She Has a Cute Nickname

While I personally love the name Dayanara, it is obvious that her parents and family grew tired of pronouncing her full the name, a fact that resulted in an altered and shortened version of her name – Yari. The name has definitely stuck because her family and close friends still call her Yari. Names mean a lot in so many ways and either way you ring this up it comes out gold.

3. She Hosted a Talk Show in the Philippines

Shortly after shooting the film with Morales, Yari jumped on a plane and headed to the Philippines to host a talk show. While becoming a mainstay on her talk show, she would also shoot several more films. It became obvious that in addition to being beautiful, Yari had a strong work ethic.

4. She is Musically Inclined As Well

Dayanara would eventually return to her native, Puerto Rico, where she would once again text new ground. Yari recorded two salsa/merengue albums. If you are familiar with the Puerto Rican culture, you understand the albums are almost a requirement. Unfortunately, the project didn’t fare well as far as sales are concerned.

5. She Had Her Own Doll

When you are as beautiful as Ms. Torres and you are from a small American Annex like Puerto Rico, you have an opportunity to influence so many and bring joy to so many youths who are likely impoverished. Yari’s popularity was so high in Puerto Rico that it inspired the production of a doll that would comparative to the Barbie Doll here in the U.S.

6. She Was Married to Marc Anthony

A lot of people are not aware of the fact that Marc Anthony’s marriage to J-Lo was not his first high profile marriage to a Puerto Rican woman. In 2000, Anthony and Torress were married and they have two beautiful sones together. After the divorce, Torres would be left with the task of attempting to reignite her career.

7. Acting is In Her Blood

While the world was first introduced to Yari as a beauty pageant contestant, her first love has always been acting. From a very early age, her play would include creativity and expression in which she would act out stories and skits in front of her family. That yearning to be expressive has served her well.

8. She Ended Up in the Miss Puerto Rico Pageant by Chance

Dayanara didn’t have any type of obsession with beauty pageants. The way that she ended up competing in the Miss Puerto Rico pageant was solely by chance. She was walking through the mall and she was approached and asked to take part in the competition. Little did she know at the time that it would change her life forever.

9. She Is Considered a National Treasure in Her Homeland

When I say that the people of Puerto Rico are absolutely in love with Yari, I am not exaggerating. They have even thrown her a parade. Her international stardom has solidified her position in her role in the history of her native homeland. Her popularity in Puerto Rico is comparative to a LeBron James sighting in America. She is that popular.

10. She has a New Man in Her Life

Everyone knew that eventually, Yari would renter the world of romance. I am pretty sure there has been no shortage of suitors, but when your name is Dayanara Torres, you can afford to be highly selective. She is currently dating Louis D’Esposito, the co-president of Marvel Studios. D’Esposito is also the executive producer for movies that include Ant-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America: The First Avenger.

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