10 Things You Didn’t Know about Davina McCall

Davina McCall

Davina McCall was born, Davina Lucy Pascale McCall, in October of 1967. She’s lead a very interesting and colorful life that has taken her from one end of the spectrum in the work force, to the other. She has worked as an English television presenter, has hosted a variety of television shows; she’s a former model, and had other jobs outside of entertainment. McCall had a rough upbringing, but has come out above and has carved a name for herself in so many areas. Really, the list of accomplishments and the variety of things she has done in her life are quite impressive. You may look at this British star and think you know her, but keep reading to see 10 things you didn’t know about Davina McCall.

1. She started her career as a singer

Before McCall got her break in television, she had embarked on a singer career and it started as a member of a band called Lazy Bear, but by the time she was 19 years old, she had the drive to become a solo artist, so she left the band and made a demo disc which was produced by her then boyfriend, Eric Clapton. Nothing like having one of the biggest names in music to have as your boyfriend and give you a hand at getting your music career going, although, television ended up being where she would ultimately land.

2. Yes, she once dated Eric Clapton

In McCall’s teens, Clapton happened to be a friend of the family and the two connected. At 19, Clapton not only lent a hand with her drive to become a solo artist, but in her early 20’s, Clapton also played another crucial role in McCall’s life. McCall developed a drug problem and Clapton was there for her and helped her get clean. She has talked about her drug issue and getting clean in many interviews over the years claiming that she quit smoking at the age of 24, and it was after that, that she was able to get her very own television show on MTV.

3. Her mom was a “wild child”

McCall wasn’t the only one in her family that had issues with addiction. McCall was born to a French mother and English father, and at the age of three, she went to live with her grandparents after her parents divorced. McCall has described her mother as somewhat of a “wild child,” claiming that she was an alcoholic and would basically only see her on holidays in France, where her mother had returned to live. McCall went on to have a strained relationship with her mother through the years, and in an interview with The Times, she had said this of her relationship with her mother, “We hadn’t really communicated in the last ten years. She sold stories about me to the Daily Mail, one about us attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting together, which you just don’t do.”

4. She’s the face of a well-known cosmetic brand

Something else to go on McCall’s long resume is that she is an ambassador of a big name cosmetic brand in the UK. According to Garnier, McCall has been a proud spokesperson for the company, Garnier for over the last 11 years. She has also been representing one of their hair color products, Nutrisse, since 2006, and it happens to be McCall’s perfect hair color, Shade 43 – Dark Golden Brown

5. She has three tattoos, and they’re interesting

It’s not surprising to hear about tattoos anymore. They are popping up on both men and women alike, and it just doesn’t phase most of us anymore. That being said, sometimes it’s just “who” has the tattoos and “what” the tattoos are. I was a bit surprised to hear that McCall was a fan of the tattoo, but more surprising than that, it’s “what” she has tattooed on her body, and “where.” McCall has talked about her three tattoos in interviews before, and you can even see a couple of them in some of her pictures on social media, depending on what she’s wearing. But there’s one tattoo that has yet to be seen and you’ll see why when you see what she has and where. McCall has a rose tattoo on her wrists, a set of horns, one on each hip, and drum-roll please, and an alien tattoo on her bottom.

6. Has made and released her own fitness videos

McCall is very much into fitness and she posts about her different fitness routines, ventures goals and achievements often. She is in excellent shape for her age, and she wants other women to be physically active and fit, too. McCall has made a lot of fitness videos over the years, starting back in 2004 when she released: Davina: Power of 3 (released 27 December 2004). Her videos touch on specific areas, such as, increasing energy, postnatal workouts, as well as toning and buffing fitness videos. She released one of her last in December of 2017, and continues to be an inspiration to women everywhere.

7. She’s most noted for her time on Big Brother

Big Brother is still a popular show in the US, and its counterpart in the UK was a hit, too. McCall hosted the show every week, doing the eviction interview after every housemate evicted, stepped out of the house and talks about the highlights of each episode. She also hosted the celebrity Big Brother version, however, it was on the final night of the sixth series of the show that she drew attention to herself by the media when there were complaints about her and her treatment of the evicted contestant, Makosi Musambasi.

8. She performed an act of kindness and was recognized

During  a snow storm in the winter of 2018. McCall recalled how while driving, she noticed a women who looked very cold and decided to see if she needed a ride, so she stopped to ask. The woman was grateful for the ride and once she settled in the car with McCall, she got a better look at who she was riding with and exclaimed, “You’re my fitness lady!” McCall said that it made her feel good to be recognized for fitness as opposed to just a famous face on television.

9. Participated in a sport’s challenge for charity

When you love to workout and stay fit the way McCall does, to join in on a fitness challenge for charity was the perfect combination. In 2014, McCall undertook the BT Sport Relief challenge called, ‘Davina – Beyond Breaking Point.’ The challenge was to either run, swim, or bike across the UK for seven days and the money was to benefit the charity, Sport relief. During the telethon that was being filmed live, it was announced that Davina had raised over £2.2 million for the charity.

10. She’s been married twice

McCall has had two marriages, the first was to Andrew Leggett back in 1997, and her second, to Matthew Robertson, a presenter for Pet Rescue. McCall and Robertson were married in June of 2000 and had three children together, Holly, and Tilly (daughters), and a son Chester, who was birthed at home. The couple recently divorced in November of 2017.

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