10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dave Foley

If you do know who Dave Foley is it could mean you were growing up in the 80s and 90s. If you don’t it could mean that you weren’t born yet or you were too young. He’s made plenty of appearances throughout the years and has had a very successful career even when he hasn’t been front and center in ways that a lot of people would recognize. His comical side is what a lot of people will remember him for no doubt but he does have the capacity to be a serious actor and has proven it time and again. While some of the movies and shows he’s been in haven’t exactly been widespread or even deemed all that great he’s still funny enough when it counts and has managed to make people laugh throughout his entire career. The fact that he’s still around is a testament to that.

Here are a few things you might not have known about him.

10. He was in Kids in the Hall.

You might have heard of this show r you might not have, but it was insanely funny during it’s time. One of the hallmarks of the show was that the entire cast of men would dress up quite often as women and act out different sketches. But despite this oddity there were plenty of other skits that they performed and all of them were hilarious.

9. He dropped out of alternative school to do comedy.

Some folks just don’t see the point of school as it doesn’t teach them what they want to learn and sometimes doesn’t even run concurrent to their desired career. While it’s never a great idea to go without getting your education there are times when it’s wise to get into the business before your opportunity passes you by.

8. He’s in Monkeybone.

Monkeybone is the kind of movie that a lot of artists should be able to at least understand since at one point or another the art you create is what consumes you and in some cases takes over your waking world in a way that you didn’t expect.

7. He was given a job by Kevin McDonald.

Kevin was a part of Kids in the Hall and has been a good friend of Dave’s for a long time now. While they went their separate ways in their careers once the show was over they remain good friends to this day.

6. He voiced a part in A Bug’s Life.

Flick was the poor country bug that was trying to help his colony by finding warrior bugs to fight off the grasshoppers that made his colony miserable so often. The only problem was that he found circus bugs and didn’t know it.

5. He starred in a web series in 2009.

After Kids in the Hall Dave did manage to diversify by taking his career in different paths and finding new things to do as the years kept rolling on. He seems to disappear for a while as his appearances become less and less but he does come back now and again and in different ways.

4. He was in Blast from the Past.

This was actually kind of an amusing movie since it was all about a young man that had been living in an underground bomb shelter for all his life until his parents deemed it was okay for him to go topside and see what the world was like.

3. His career started back in 1986.

Out of all the lists that have been created on this site Dave is one of those that can just about be called an oldtimer as far as his career goes since it’s spanned well into three decades now. He’s been there long enough to have seen real change and has likely been a part of it throughout his time in the business.

2. He met his first wife when he was 20 and she was 17.

They actually argued over a band for a while when getting to know one another and seemed to hit it off. Eventually after their marriage however they divorced and Dave went on to marry again. Perhaps there were just too many differences that couldn’t be reconciled.

1. He’s lent his voice to a couple of video games.

A couple of them had to do with the part of Flick from A Bug’s Life as he came back to voice the character that he’d made popular during the movie. It’s been pretty great since professional, well-known actors have taken up roles in various video games. It’s a treat for gamers to hear some of their favorite actors while they’re playing.

Dave is definitely one of those actors that is best when left to his own devices and he’s great when he’s given a part where he can be funny or at least sarcastic since it lets the humor come out in a big way.

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