Dave Bautista Teases He’s Playing Bane in Batman

Ryan Scott of MovieWeb and many people would likely be completely on board with Dave Bautista taking on the part of Bane in the next Batman movie or possibly in another project that has something to do with DC. The former wrestler turned actor recently created a tweet of himself in front the Warner Bros. logo and since it’s been heard that he had to miss out on a popular part due to scheduling conflicts it’s believed that he might actually be in line to play Bane at one point. The logic is there somewhere since people tended to jump on this idea before anything else, but at this point it’s best to just go with it since the idea does make some sense. He does have the size, the gruff demeanor, and the physical ability to play the part. When you look at the comics, Bane has always towered over Batman since he’s so huge, and while Christian Bale is taller than Tom Hardy, he still was given the look and the forceful presence that made him seem so much bigger than Bales’ Batman. Bautista is only a couple of inches taller than Robert Pattinson, but he’s humongous compared to the former Twilight star when it comes to muscle mass, and as a result would no doubt look enormous no matter if Pattinson was all suited up.

Bautista gained a reputation in the WWE for being one of the most aggressive men in the ring, and on the big screen he’s become something of a goof that is hard to equate with the Drax character from the comics, who was able to hold his own and actually ripped Thanos’ heart from his body at one point. The idea that Drax became more of a running joke though is something that seems like it might have been Disney’s attempt at taming the character as well as giving people something to laugh at simply because the character might have been too intense otherwise. But when it comes to Bane the challenge is already there to make the character into something great once again since the joke was already played in Batman and Robin when George Clooney stepped into the suit and made a horrible showing. The Bane character in that movie was immensely strong but was also a horrible caricature of the individual that became one of the only people that’s ever beaten Batman in a physical match in such a decisive manner. Dave Bautista could be that guy to take the character to the next level if he is indeed seeking to become Bane in another Batman movie. Even a Bane movie could be kind of interesting since delving into his origins might make for a blockbuster that people would be willing to take a look at. An R-rated version of this, much like the Joker, could create a type of trend that might be popular for a while. Just think of how well Joker did and then think of how it might go if Bane was given a proper origin story, not one that showed him to only be an unrepentant psychopath, but also a person that was, as it’s been said ‘born to the dark’.

Now that movie I might pay to go see since Bane has a very well-defined origin that’s barely been toyed with throughout the years. Perhaps the one thing that bugged a lot of people about Joker is that for so long he’s had origin stories but they’re usually accepted as versions of his early life, not THE definitive origin story that could end up explaining why he is the way he is. That’s the whole mystery behind that character, and it was what worked for a long time. With Bane there is a definite story that doesn’t seem fit to change all that much as the character continues to be a part of the DC universe. He is who he is, no more and no less, and that’s really all Bane needs to be. Throughout his history thus far in the comics Bane has been a hardened character that has little if any real compromise in his nature and is bound to do whatever it takes to see his plans come to fruition. Unlike many villains that have vexed Batman throughout the years and lived to regret it, Bane took the Batman out of commission for a while remember, not an easy feat for anyone, and has even pounded on him throughout their history.

Seeing Bautista as Bane would be a delight since it would introduce a very intense and psychotic yet controlled villain back into the Batman movie that could possibly offer up a great deal of challenge for the dark knight, and at the same time round out the cadre of villains.

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