Dave Bautista is Allegedly Looking to Do a Vampire Movie

Dave Bautista is Allegedly Looking to Do a Vampire Movie

Dave Bautista is Allegedly Looking to Do a Vampire Movie

It does feel as though people have looked past Dave Bautista in the past due to his wrestling career and the stigma that’s still kind of present but is fading quickly. At one point it was thought that wrestlers simply couldn’t act since they were known more for shouting and yelling at each other before trying to pound on one another without mercy. That idea has been going by the wayside for a while now thanks to wrestlers such as Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, and of course Dave Bautista. There’s no other way to say it, but when he started off he was pretty rough around the edges, as the time he guest-starred in Smallville is a good example. But over the years, Bautista has been getting better and better with each role, and with his turn as Drax the Destroyer in the MCU he turned in a performance that was comical as well as impressive. Some might want to say that all he had to do was play a big dumb brute that could fight, but Dave brought a little more to the role thankfully.

He’s even taken on smaller roles in other movies such as Blade Runner 2049 and Spectre, and he showed up in the reboot of Kickboxer with Jean Claude Van Damme, but his big roles have been netting him a great deal of respect and acclaim as he’s kept his career moving forward in a big way. Now it would appear that he wants to star in a vampire movie, either as a vampire or a vampire hunter apparently. He’s already taken on zombies so this isn’t really that big of a stretch, but it all depends on what’s out there and what’s going to play to Dave’s talents. People might not want to remember Blade Trinity but the fact is that the movie did star Paul Levesque, aka Triple H, so it’s not much of a stretch to think that the next Blade movie could do the same and use Batista as an enemy or an ally to Blade, who’s going to be played by Mahershala Ali.

Even if it’s not Blade that Bautista finds his way into, the idea is a sound one unless he decides he wants to star in a vampire movie that’s more along the lines of Interview with the Vampire, meaning the high society vampires that are more or less polite, gentlemanly and ordered on a level that vampires in movies such as 30 days of Night and various others aren’t. Something like an Underworld movie might be kind of cool, and who knows, maybe casting Bautista as a vampire-hunting werewolf wouldn’t be too far out of bounds, as it sounds a bit silly and even ambitious, but it could be worked into something that might work for Dave. Just think if the hunter was trying to work against his lycanthrope side but knew it came in useful when hunting vampires, that might be a decent idea to work with. It’s a thought at least since creating a vampire movie out of the old legends and myths has been done so many times that coming up with something new is becoming harder and harder as time goes on.

At one point a person kind of has to take an old idea, dust it off, and see what they can do with it, and so long as the individuals in charge can find a way to be creative it might work. Vampire hunters can come in all shapes and sizes just like anyone, so perhaps bringing up an idea that might sound ludicrous would actually be kind of brilliant if a way could be found to make it work so that people would actually enjoy it. As far as acting goes, Bautista has come a long way when it comes to his acting ability. Now that Army of the Dead has come and gone it’s easy to think that he wants something else to do and another challenge to take on. Who he’ll get to act with and what the story will be about is obviously impossible to say at this time apart from the idea that it will include vampires. But once there is a project one can bet that we’ll start hearing about it.

As far as being the good guy or the bad guy, Dave has definitely been doing a good job being the guy that has a set of morals but isn’t always bound to be the best person in the world, no matter what he tries. He’s been the villain obviously, as he took on the role of a bad guy in Riddick when it was established that he was ready to kill everyone in order to survive. But his time as a hero has been just as interesting.

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