Darth Vader Gears Up For The Rematch With Obi-Wan In Latest Trailer

Darth Vader Gears Up For The Rematch With Obi-Wan In Latest Trailer

Darth Vader Gears Up For The Rematch With Obi-Wan In Latest Trailer

It’s National Star Wars Day and Disney has given us something to gush over. Yes, it was the final Obi-Wan trailer but it also included Darth Vader. Well, at least a brief glimpse of him suiting up in his armor. That’s okay, because that small tease alone probably gave you all some serious goosebumps. Oh boy, it will be just surreal to see both Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen return to Star Wars after seventeen years. Yes, it has really been that long since Revenge of the Sith has come out. Does anyone else feel old?

While Revenge of the Sith did show us the birth of Darth Vader, the fantastic scene was unfortunately overshadowed by that infamous “Nooooo!!!” scene. Seriously, I remember people laughing in the theater when that happened. Still, it was cool to see how Darth Vader actually came to be despite that last part. After Revenge of the Sith, we did get to see Darth Vader in several other pieces of Star Wars media. This included the animated Rebels series and the Fallen Order game, where he was actually the final boss. Except, he was the final boss you had absolutely no chance of beating. Once he showed up, it literally turned into a survival horror game.

Even in Rebels, Darth Vader didn’t even have to be around, but his presence was always felt by those beneath him. I mean, the Grand Inquisitor chose to fall into a large ball of fire rather than face Vader’s wrath. That is seriously saying something. On top of that, when Ezra and Kanan first encountered Vader, they were immediately struck with fear. He didn’t have to be in the same room as them, but when he entered their vicinity, they just felt that disturbance in the force. Based on how they described it, everything just slowed down and they felt nothing but a cold chill.

That is the kind of presence Darth Vader has whenever he’s around. He strikes paralyzing fear into whoever he’s around, including his subordinates. I mean, we’ve seen what happens when the Imperial officers failed him. Oh, and of course, there was that one high-ranking Imperial officer who tried to mouth off to him and he was nearly force-choked to death. Yeah, bad idea to tick off Darth Vader. It’s probably best to just do as he commands and just have the highest hopes that he won’t kill you.

And as for the fear he instills in the Jedi, Ezra and Kanan have both described it as an ominous cold. It’s as if Darth Vader is literally death itself and he makes them feel the cold embrace of death. That makes for a very terrifying villain. And the archenemy of this overwhelmingly frightening villain is his former mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi. If you haven’t checked out the trailer, you must do so. Most of it was Obi-Wan evading Imperial agents and bounty hunters, but the end gave us a rather curious implication. One of the Inquisitors pursuing Obi-Wan says that he will never escape “him”. We all knew who she was talking about before it cut to the next part.

The very next sequence was Darth Vader literally gearing up for what we think will be another confrontation with his former master. We got to see the cybernetic arms get attached to him, with the final touches being the center of his armor being applied. So with his respirator being attached to him, that means Darth Vader is fully suited up and ready to go. That is some dangerous news for literally everyone, both ally and enemy. It’s not crazy to think he and Obi-Wan will cross paths once again and when they do, I’m certain it will lead to another epic lightsaber duel. Boy, I can already hear the Duel of the Fates music playing to it.

After watching the trailer, the only thing on my mind is the rematch Darth Vader is gearing up for. By the end of the series, I think that is ultimately what it will come down to. I can just imagine what their reactions will be once they see what they have both become after Revenge of the Sith. For Darth Vader, I can imagine it will be a lot of anger, while Obi-Wan will be horrified. The last he saw of Anakin, he was lying nearly dead and being burned by a river of lava. That’s when Obi-Wan abandoned his former apprentice and took his lightsaber with him. He is likely unaware of the transformation so he’ll likely feel a familiar disturbance in the force when he’s about to face him. Once they do come face-to-face, Obi-Wan will discover who the masked Sith lord really is.

That will be an interaction we Star Wars fans are dying to see. It really makes you forget that regular canon originally had them meet on the Death Star twenty years after their first duel. Honestly, I don’t mind. As long as their rematch in the Obi-Wan series is epic, I’m willing to forgive that. And let’s face it, the rematch probably will be as cool as lightsaber fights could get. How will it happen? This is something the series will likely save for the last episode, understandably so. We might not actually see Darth Vader before then but if he’s actually entering the field, you know it’s serious.

Everything we’ll be seeing before that will likely be Obi-Wan dodging his underlings until the main boss steps in. And when the Duel of the Fates starts playing, you know that’s the final boss music. I really want to see how frightened the Inquisitors will be when they fail Darth Vader. It was always so scary and yet so cool to see him punish his underlings whenever they failed. We should expect to see more of that in the Obi-Wan series and it will all be build up to that epic rematch we want to see.

What are your thoughts, Star Wars fans? What did you you make of Darth Vader gearing up in the final trailer? It was just so overwhelmingly cool to see him suit up and I think we’re in for another epic lightsaber duel. May the 4th be with us all.Hayden Christensen

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