Danny McBride as Kanye West in a Biopic? Yes, Please

Danny McBride as Kanye West in a Biopic? Yes, Please

You might think that Ryan Scott of MovieWeb is making an insane joke when it comes to talking about Danny McBride, one of the whitest people in the world, taking on the role of Kanye West in a biopic. Some people might say “yes please” while others might roll their eyes and say “oh, please no”. However you react keep this in mind: Kanye talked to Danny about this. In fact McBride went on to state how Kanye brought this to his attention and proceeded to talk over just how the project could go. In an era when blackface is being called out as one of the most racist and horrible things that can be done it would seem that Kanye might have finally lost his mind in the estimation of many, but whether or not blackface or any other type of controversial representation would take place, a lot of people are likely to be either shocked or just inclined to shake their head and think that Kanye’s off his meds again.

It wouldn’t be the first time obviously since Kanye has been a matter of debate for a while now, especially after his endorsement of President Trump, which was covered by Cydney Henderson of USA Today and many others, and how this reverberated throughout the American people. Everyone from one end of the country had their own opinion about his mental stability at this point, with some going so far as to say that he’s a traitor to his race while others simply shake their heads and wonder what he’s going to say next. When it comes to Kanye a lot of us have grown used to rolling our eyes and ignoring him since quite honestly he’s said some very off the wall things and hasn’t been that apologetic about it. His antics and his behavior have been erratic enough at times for people to wonder if he flipped his lid a long time ago and what we’re seeing is the continual fallout that continues to bubble and churn, frothing over when he feels the need to express himself in one way or another. At this point it wouldn’t matter if he was attached to the Kardashians by marriage or not, he’d likely still be viewed as kind of a kooky character.

But asking a white man to represent him in a biopic is more than just revolutionary and against the grain, it’s off the table and miles outside of left field in terms of being enough to make a person’s mind short circuit. Given the idea that black and white people have had an issue with each other when it comes to who gets which parts in various movies it would almost seem as though Kanye is trying to stir people up like a curious kid kicking a wasp nest to see what will happen. In fact that’s kind of a great analogy for a lot of the things he’s done and said over the years since it doesn’t seem as though he thinks things through all the time, preferring to leap far and wide into the ether without seeing if there’s something or someone that’s going to catch him or reel him back to this shifting plane we call reality. One reason why it’s easy to remain neutral in this case is that for one, Kanye has had enough shade thrown at him, even if he doesn’t care, throughout the years and there’s really no point taking pot shots at a target that won’t feel them or care since apparently he’s miles above everyone. Another reason why it’s kind of pointless to be for or against him is that he tends to live in his own world a lot of the time where the rule seems to be that if you agree with Kanye you matter if he says you do, but if you don’t agree with Kanye then he’s going to either ignore you or shout you down since you don’t know what he knows. That kind of attitude alone is enough to walk away from since the narcissism is thick and heavy in Kanye World, no matter if he’s skilled, talented, and successful.

Keeping a neutral stance around someone like Kanye West typically means that you let the guy do his thing and don’t bother to comment that often since he’s going to do what he wants and he’ll gladly call you a nothing or a nobody if you disagree, and if he even notices you. But with that in mind it’s easy to stay neutral on the matter of Danny McBride being asked to play the role of Kanye in a biopic since it seems ludicrous and beyond ridiculous, but it also seems like a big statement to just shrug your shoulders and say ‘meh’. In a big way that seems to be the best reaction to this since it does seem like another way of getting attention.

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