The Five Best Danny McBride Movies of His Career

The Five Best Danny McBride Movies of His Career

In truth Danny McBride is kind of an acquired taste when it comes to comedians since the guy is insanely funny and yet his brand of comedy is, at times, hard for some people to really get into. There’s a quality there that’s so in your face that some folks might find it necessary to just step away and thereby avoid it, while others will dive right in and take whatever comes. He’s been around for quite some time now and been making various movies that have captured a great deal of attention, but of course not all of them have been winners since like many actors Danny has been involved in some movies that have just barely registered when it comes to viewers. Despite that however he’s still been seen as one of the funniest guys around and as a pretty decent actor when all is said and done.

Here are five of his best movies to date.

5. Hot Rod

This movie kind of flew under the radar when it came to a lot of people since Andy Samberg was still gaining the reputation he now has and the whole premise was kind of, well, hard to get into. But the whole idea is that Rod and his buddies are trying to come up with a stunt that will pay out big so that Rod can earn enough money for his stepfather’s heart operation. When you think about it though, Rod really only wants the guy to live so that he can finally prove himself and beat his stepfather in a sparring match. The comedy of the whole thing is based pretty much on the intense and insanely hilarious physicality of it, and we’re okay with that.

4. Arizona

Sonny is not the kind of man you mess with since he’s obviously pretty smart and isn’t in the mood to believe anyone, he’s simply in the mood to do some damage after finding out the house he sold has been losing its value at an alarming rate. Of course if anyone remembers the fateful events of 2008 and the fallout that came after with the housing crisis it’s easy to see how a person might get upset, but maybe not to this extreme. In any case Sonny tends to get the upper hand throughout most of the movie until Cassie and Morgan finally start thinking and come up with a relatively simple way to take him out for good.

3. Tropic Thunder

Never mess with a munitions expert. He’s not the most important guy in the movie but he damn sure knows how to wire a bomb and can light things up like the 4th of July when he needs to. Cody is the kind of guy that is sort of like an ace in the hole since he’s not only a pyromaniac that likes blowing stuff up for a living, but he’s also a helicopter pilot and comes in rather handy when the guys need to make their getaway in the end. This is the type of guy you keep on a crew just because his varied skills might come in useful at one point or another. Otherwise stick him on an open tract of land somewhere and just let him be.

2. This Is The End

When the apocalypse suddenly comes to LA it seems that no one is ready (big surprise) and untold numbers of people die as those that commit selfless acts are allowed to ascend to heaven while everyone else is stuck on earth, which has in effect become hell. From demons to the constant danger of those that will turn on each other for nothing at all, the survivors have to make their way through a blasted wasteland in search of resources and a way to simply survive. By the time the movie ends you can’t help but wonder just what you’ve been watching the whole time, but at the very least it does make you laugh more than once.

1. Pineapple Express

You can bet that with the cast members that Danny seems to act with on a regular basis there’s typically going to be a few things that are similar about his movies, and smoking weed is definitely one of them. While it’s not the main basis for all of his movies it’s still one of those elements that pops up again and again since it does inspire a great deal of comedy and it does allow things to get a bit dark at times. When Seth Rogen’s character witnesses a murder it’s funny to think that the roach he leaves behind is the one thing that allows him to be identified and traced back to his dealer, which in turn creates a very tense and ultimately comical situation.

Like I said, Danny is kind of an acquired taste, but once you get used to him it’s easy to see that he’s pretty funny.

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