The Joker Weird Trailer Even Has a Tommy Wiseau Appearance

The Joker Weird Trailer Even Has a Tommy Wiseau Appearance

Now if the Joker had been made in this manner I think I might have watched it. Tommy Wiseau even shows up at one point though, so maybe not. Still, it’s easy enough to give props to the team that made this happen since it’s rather hilarious and blends a lot of different great scenes and themes together in a way that you might not have thought would work, but still do in some strange and wonderfully chaotic way. Aldo Jones is to be commended for this at least in regards to his sense of humor given how many great scenes he found to use and how many different ways he found to make people laugh. C’mon, Donkey Kong dropping a barrel on Arthur’s head was pretty hilarious, and Dr. Robotnick/Eggman making him cry was pretty amusing. At this point it’s hard to think of what could be used to make it better, though there’s likely something, even if it’s hard to pin down. All in all though this was one of the best spoof trailers yet that’s come around, and frankly there have been a LOT in the last several years concerning many upon many movies.

When it comes to the Joker there are those that want to see an origin story made out of his life, as Tim Beedle of DC states, and those that love the fact that he simply represents chaos and don’t want to know that much about how he came to be. The character has been so great throughout the years that he’s become an iconic figure that many people know about whether they’ve read the comics or not, but he’s also become something of a problematic character since a few people have played him and there are definitely those that have their favorites, in fact there are some that think Jared Leto is actually one of the best, and then there are some that might actually state that Tommy Wiseau should have been given a chance. Yes, it’s true. Some Wiseau wormed his way into people’s respect in a way that can only be said to be akin to an annoying pest finally getting your attention just so it will make them stop whatever it is they’re doing.

Getting back on topic though the video above is entertaining since it takes a few of the Jokers that we’ve seen throughout the years and places them in such great spots that you can’t help but laugh since the editing is pretty much on point for the most part, and the inclusion of Harley Quinn is even better. One has to wonder why the need to include Quinn into the picture wasn’t taken by Nolan since it might have been interesting to see a much darker version of the clown prince’s main squeeze in The Dark Knight. Maybe he didn’t want to go quite that dark, but just sitting here thinking about it, such a thing could have been a big game-changer since Quinn is without any doubt a big weapon in the Joker’s arsenal when they’re together and despite his absolute abuse and misuse of her the two of them are just flat out deadly when they’re on the same page. Perhaps one of these years we’ll get another movie with Harley and the Joker that isn’t connected to the Suicide Squad and sees them as the comics have shown, imperfect but somehow able to sync up just enough to take on the heroes and really do some damage. As of late though Margot Robbie’s foray into the character has left her seeming as though she’s less villain and more vigilante, not quite the antihero, as her character has been evolving throughout the years. The Joker is likely to stay the way he is since there doesn’t seem to be any reason to change him. But of course the recent Joker movie thought to humanize him in a big way by showing that he’s a man that has some serious issues and is simply beaten down by society.

That could be the issue that some people have with the current movie, as not everyone was a fan of it no matter how the box office blew up upon its release. The idea of making the Joker a weak and simpering man that had to finally suffer a breakdown does make sense in a big way, but it also makes him seek rather weak at his core, as though he still has that one glaring weak spot that anyone with a passing knowledge of psychology could exploit. Or it could be something else, but in any case this video is bound to put a smile on a lot of faces since it is put together nicely and does feature some very funny clips in a way that one can’t help but smile at.

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