6 Rising Actors on the Verge of a Hollywood Breakthrough

6 Rising Actors on the Verge of a Hollywood Breakthrough

Many actors toil in the industry for years, honing their craft and building up an impressive resume of work before finally achieving a major Hollywood breakthrough. Despite receiving critical acclaim and showcasing their talents in various projects, these actors may still struggle to breakthrough the mainstream masses and attain widespread recognition. However, all it takes is one major role in a blockbuster movie or hit TV series for these thespians to become overnight sensations and household names.

This sudden catapult to stardom can propel them to new heights of success and open doors to even more opportunities in the industry. The journey from working in relative obscurity to becoming a Hollywood sensation is a testament to the resilience, dedication, and talent of these actors who persevered until they found their triumphant moment in the spotlight. With that said, here’s our pick of six of the best rising actors on the verge of a Hollywood breakthrough.

6. Hoa Xuande

Hoa Xuande in The Sympathizer (2024)

Hoa Xuande is most likely a name that mainstream audiences aren’t too familiar with. However, he makes the list of the best rising actors on the brink of a Hollywood breakthrough due to the fact that he is set to star in one of HBO’s most anticipated shows of 2024The Sympathizer. HBO has a storied history of delivering some of the greatest TV shows of all time. Furthermore, their shows never shy away from casting emerging or undiscovered actors. Based on the trailer alone, it’s clear that Xuande is set to command the screen, even next to Hollywood titan, Robert Downey Jr. Although this is simply speculation, we predict that The Sympathizer will be a standout TV series of 2024. So, inevitably, its lead star will in turn soar to major Hollywood fame.

5. Maya Erskine

Best Rising Actors: Maya Erskine

Maya Erskine has emerged as one of the fastest rising stars in Hollywood, captivating audiences with her immense talent and adaptability. The multi-talented entertainer showcased her range as the showrunner and lead star of the acclaimed Hulu series, Pen15, where she successfully took on the role of a teenage girl despite being in her 30s at the time of filming. Erskine’s ability to embody a character many years her junior with such authenticity and nuance earned her widespread praise and cemented her status as a rising star in the industry.

In 2024, Erskine soared even further to the forefront of Hollywood, securing a lead role opposite Donald Glover in the highly anticipated series, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. As of the time of this writing, she has been nominated for three Primetime Emmys for her enthralling prowess as one of the best rising actors in Hollywood. Erskine will next grace the screen opposite Michael Cera and Kristen Stewart in Michael Angarano‘s comedy movie, Sacremento.

4. Jack O’Connell

Jack O'Connell in SAS Rogue Heroes (2022)

Jack O’Connell has undoubtedly proven himself as one of the most eclectic actors to come out of the United Kingdom over the last decade. After achieving massive popularity with his role as the wayward yet loveable James Cook in Skins, he has since transcended to Hollywood, starring opposite George Clooney in Money Monster, and leading Angelina Jolie‘s epic war movie, Unbroken. He has been met with heaps of critical praise over the last decade, even winning the EE Rising Star Award in 2015. However, his mainstream presence tends to ride peaks and troughs.

Although he has starred in many Hollywood productions, Jack O’Connell has expressed his love for his home country. To that, he seems to pick his projects wisely, starring in independent movies as well as blockbuster affairs. What’s more, he stays true to British television, as he demonstrated in 2022 with his role in SAS Rogue Heroes. Yet, his name has been thrown into the mix for many major Hollywood movies, most notably at one point being considered as the next James Bond. In 2024, O’Connell will reprise his role as Paddy Mayne in the second season of SAS Rogue Heroes, and will star in the Amy Winehouse biopic, Back to Black. While neither of these projects will likely draw massive global attention, O’Connell is only one mainstream role away from becoming the next big star to hail from England.

3. DeWanda Wise

DeWanda Wise in Imaginary (2024)

Much like Hoa Xuande, DeWanda Wise makes our list of the best rising actors on the verge of a Hollywood breakthrough due to her part in a much-anticipated project in 2024. Imaginary is a horror movie that will hit theaters on March 9, 2024. The plot follows Jessica (Wise), a young woman who returns to her childhood home only to face the torment of her teddy bear who is bitter that she ever left. While the movie sounds rather tongue-in-cheek, the official trailer proves that it is much more sinister than its plot alludes. As the movie gears up to be a horror blockbuster of the year, Wise will likely shoot to new heights of fame, building upon the stardom she has already achieved with acclaimed movies like The Harder They Fall and Jurassic World Dominion.

2. Paul Mescal

Best Rising Actors: Paul Mescal

Born in County Kildare, Ireland, Paul Mescal has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the most promising actors in Hollywood. Despite his young age, Mescal’s talent and dedication have earned him critical acclaim for his performances in acclaimed movies like All of Us Strangers and Aftersun, the latter of which garnered him an Oscar nomination. However, it was his role in the popular BBC series, Normal People, that catapulted him to mainstream fame and heartthrob status.

In 2024, Mescal’s star is set to rise even higher as he takes on the lead role in the long-awaited sequel to the Oscar-winning classic, Gladiator. In Gladiator 2, Mescal will portray Lucius, the son of Maximus, the iconic character originally played by Russell Crowe. He will share the screen with fellow rising star, Joseph Quinn, and Hollywood legend Denzel Washington.

1. Paul Walter Hauser

Paul Walter Hauser in Black Bird (2022)

Paul Walter Hauser has established himself as one of the most formidable actors to emerge in film and TV over the last decade. He has showcased his immense talent in a multitude of acclaimed movies such as Richard Jewell, BlacKkKlansman, and I, Tonya. Despite being snubbed for an Oscar nomination for his performance in the latter, Hauser finally received the recognition he deserved for his haunting role in the 2022 mini-series, Black Bird. This disturbing yet utterly captivating rendition earned him a prestigious Primetime Emmy.

In late 2023, rumours began circulating that Hauser was in talks to lead the cast of Quentin Tarantino‘s final film, The Movie Critic, although there is no official confirmation as of yet. However, Hauser has already demonstrated his innate faculty to take on the lead in major projects, and if the Hollywood whispers hold any truth, The Movie Critic may be the role that propels him to worldwide recognition and serve as a significant Hollywood breakthrough. Either way, with his undeniable talent and eclectic scope, Paul Walter Hauser is certainly a rising star on the brink of even greater success in the industry. Until casting details become official, here’s our list of the 6 actors we want to see in Quentin Tarantino’s The Movie Critic.

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