10 Things You Never Knew about Kanye West

10 Things You Never Knew about Kanye West

10 Things You Never Knew about Kanye West

A lot of people are Kanye West supporters and to be honest they have every right to be. He’s a very successful person and has done a lot in his time as a star. There are many reasons though why some people stay clear of him and don’t really want to discuss him all that much, and it’s because he doesn’t always seem to be the perfect person that he thinks he is. In all honesty Kanye has likened himself to many people in a historical sense, showing that he might have a lot of talent but he doesn’t have a whole lot of humility when it comes right down to it. It’s great to be talented, popular, and overall influential and able to do and say what you want. But if you really want people to think you’re that great and like you in a universal way, then keeping the rhetoric dimmed to a low roar at times might be the best way to go. He doesn’t have to of course, but it might be good advice.

Here are a few things you might not have known about him.

10. His father is a former member of the Black Panthers.

Note the ‘former’ part of that, as his father eventually became a Christian counselor and with money that his son gave him opened up a Good Water Store and Cafe. A lot of us do things in our younger years that might have seemed like a great idea at the time, and might still seem that way, but change is kind of inevitable.

9. He and his mother moved to China at one point as a part of an exchange program.

According to her Kanye was the only black student in the school but he did exceptionally well. As he puts it he was an A and B student. He learned the language pretty quick but lost most of it throughout the years.

8. The affinity he has for poetry, art, and rapping came about in the 3rd grade.

He was writing out his own raps and poems when he was a young boy and his mother recognized the talent he had and began urging him to cultivate it as his talent continued to grow. Eventually he got to the point where he wanted to start performing his songs as well as write them.

7. He did attend college but dropped out at age 20 to pursue a musical career.

This didn’t make his mother very happy as she was an advocate for getting a good education, but she relented when she figured that he didn’t need a full-on college education to become a rapper and follow his dream.

6. Kanye seems to have an issue with speaking before thinking sometimes as some believe.

There are times when he opens his mouth and something comes out that seems quite offensive at the time and shocks people into thinking that he’s a bit arrogant and kind of full of himself. That it’s still a surprise to anyone is the biggest shock since it still happens.

5. He’s been kind of a polarizing character in music and other walks of life.

A lot of people will stand up and defend his points of view and say that he has nothing to apologize for while others will disagree and state that he’s being entirely disrespectful and should suffer at least some consequences for the things he says. As the two sides even out nothing ever really happens since his fanbase is huge and isn’t budging.

4. He openly disrespected a US president but was regretful about it later on.

Kanye had the nerve to disrespect President George W. Bush by claiming that he had no regard for the black people that had been affected by Hurricane Katrina. He later on apologized for his words but people were a bit outraged by the fact that he would say such a thing when people of all colors and races were equally affected by the devastation.

3. He’s been called the voice of his generation but that claim has been widely disputed.

Some people seem to hang on his every word like it’s sacred scripture or the wisest thing they’ve ever heard, but honestly others look at him as though he’s lost a couple of screws over the years and is trying to compensate by saying whatever comes to mind. It’s a matter of perspective when it comes to believing him or calling him a bit unbalanced.

2. At times he seems to think he’s complimenting people when it sounds a lot like insults.

In some way it’s almost as though he doesn’t hear himself talking when he says anything as he speaks in what sounds like a belittling manner but expects people to think that he’s complimenting them when he discusses controversial topics.

1. He tends to blame a lot of things on race and skin color.

A lot of times this has been a big part of his M.O., as he tends to stand on the side of those that will state that people of color are being treated unfairly. It’s interesting that he never cites his own experience and how he’s come so far when factoring all people of color into his arguments.

Like him or not, Kanye doesn’t always seem to think when he speaks, and that makes things interesting to put it kindly.

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