10 Things You Didn’t Know About Brittani Boren Leach

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Brittani Boren Leach

Brittani Boren Leach

While everyone else was celebrating Christmas, one woman had her whole life shattered when she found her three-month-old son not breathing. Brittani Boren Leach rushed her son to the hospital, but he passed away after suffering irreparable brain damage. That incident may have caused her to gain popularity, but Brittani has been in the limelight for so long, as evidenced by her social media accounts. Here is everything else you need to know about Brittani.

1. She was hoping for a miracle

For Christians, they believe that nothing is impossible with God, and if you stand firm in your faith, then you can command one mountain to move from one place to another. Brittani showed how much confidence she has in God, so much that she was hoping for a miracle. On her Instagram, she asked her fans not to tell her that it was well and that they were praying for her. Instead, she wanted prayers where fans would ask God to perform a miracle on Crew.

2. She was in denial over her son’s passing

It may take time for the heart to accept what the mind already knows, especially when you are grieving the loss of a loved one. Psychologists say that grief has five stages, one of which is denial, and Brittani thought she was only living a nightmare thus hoped that she would wake up to cuddle her son. Unfortunately, she never woke up from the ordeal because it was happening in real life. She even thought that such bad things only happened to other people but not to her.

3. She donated her son’s organs

Grieving the loss of a child can take a toll on anyone, therefore even deciding to give away his organs is a hard decision. Still, Brittani made a difficult decision, according to Fox News, to donate her son’s organs. She figured that since Crew no longer needed them, he could help save the lives of three children. That courageous decision saw the hospital staff doing an Honor walk as Crew was taken to the operating room for the procedure.

4. She was accused of using her son’s death as a publicity stunt

Brittani said that although she was trying to come to terms with the news of her son’s passing, she still was selfishly hurt by the amount of attention that she was receiving. Therefore she frequented social media and asked people to put themselves in her shoes before posting any comment and only say something that would build them not tear them down. Still, while she and her family received tons of sympathetic comments, others accused the YouTuber of using her son’s death as a publicity stunt. One person even asked her if the news was real.

5. A GoFundMe campaign was set up on her behalf

When going through tough times, one needs all the support they can have, be it emotional or financial. Therefore one person, Cory Walton, organized a fundraiser on behalf of Brittani. According to the GoFundMe page that was created on Boxing Day, it was set up to encourage the family to facilitate the concentrate on Crew’s well-being. The targeted amount was $100,000, and after raising $122,315, the organizer disabled any new donations.

6. She is a wonderful stepmother

The Cinderella fairytale probably has everyone cringing on the thought of having a stepmother, but one thing that Sydney does not regret is having Brittani. Sydney is Jeff’s daughter from a previous relationship whom Brittani feels she is lucky to have since all her biological children are boys. She revealed that there is a unique bond between a mother and daughter, and she is grateful she gets to share it with Sydney. Therefore before she gave birth to Crew, she and Sydney had a girl’s night out; they went shopping and talked about everything, including makeup, school, and friends.

7. She always wanted to be a mother

Although some people have come out to say they never want children, some dream of having a family from as early as childhood. Brittani knew she wanted to be a mother even as a little girl, so it is no wonder that she has a large family. Still, she never imagined that she would have four boys but was so grateful for the chance to be a mother that she knew her boys would have fun growing up. It must have, therefore, been a painstaking experience to lose Crew at such a tender age.

8. She met her husband on a dating site

From strangers to lovers, that is the story of any married couple. When Jeff and Brittani signed up at Match.com, they were both hoping to meet someone who would be to their liking, and luckily for them, they found each other. By October 2015, they were married, and in October 2019, Brittani shared a heartfelt message to her husband as they celebrated their fourth anniversary. To her, getting married to him was the best decision she has ever made because he is not only her husband but her best friend too.

9. Her favorites

If you are planning on taking Brittani for a vacation, then be sure to wow her with a trip to Australia since it is her dream destination. Being a mother of boys, it could be the reason why her favorite color is blue. As for her pastime, you can always catch her playing football, and if the bank account allows, traveling will help her relax. Moreover, if you want to take her out for a meal, ensure that you have ordered Italian cuisine. After that, you can treat her to a movie starring Mark Wahlberg or Scarlett Johannsen, who are her favorite actors.

10. She loves gray hair on her husband

Gray hair is the crowning glory of any person as it signifies the years one has been blessed with, but not many appreciate that look. Most will, therefore, prefer to dye seeking a youthful look, but if Brittani were asked, she would never want Jeff to change his hair color. In her Instagram, the YouTuber said that she appreciated her “Bachelor,” and all she wants is to have more laughter with him.

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