10 Things You Didn’t Know about Curse of Akakor

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Curse of Akakor

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Curse of Akakor

Reality TV has become so popular over the last decade that it seems like it’s almost impossible for producers to come up with anything new. However, just when it seems like everything’s been done, something unique pops up. That’s exactly what happened in 2019 when Curse of Akakor debuted. The series follows a group of explorers as they search the Amazon rain forest in hopes of finding the lost city of Akakor. Although there is no hard evidence that the city ever existed in the first place, people have been attempting to find it for decades, and the cast of Curse of Akakor is determined to keep going until they find something. Continue reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Curse of Akakor.

1. The Show Started On Facebook

In 2019, a series called Curse of Akakor premiered on Facebook Watch. The show seemed to be popular among fans, but it suddenly stopped posting new episodes. Although nothing on the internet states that the Discover Channel’s Curse of Akakor is connected to the Facebook series, chances are the new one is a continuation of the original since both shows feature the same cast.

2. The Show Is Filmed In Different Countries

Since no one knows exactly where the lost city of Akakor is, searches have to cast a wide net in order to give themselves the best chances of finding it. As a result, the show is filmed in more than one country. The team begins their search in Peru and then works their way over to Brazil.

3. The Show Is Produced By An Australian Company

Even though the series takes place in the Amazon rain forest, the production company responsible for the show is actually based in Australia. The company, Beyond Productions, has produced several reality shows over the years including Deadly Women and MythBusters Jr. 

4. The Show Has A Diverse Team Of Investigators

The investigators who will be searching for the lost city come from a wide range of backgrounds. The lead investigator, Paul Connolly is originally from Ireland while other members of the team are from the United States. Having a group that includes people with different perspectives can help add an interesting dynamic to the search.

5. The Show Doesn’t Seem To Have A Big Social Media Following

Outside of the Facebook page for the original Curse of Akakor, the show doesn’t have any of its own social media profiles. However, those who watch the show are encouraged to use the hashtag #CurseofAkakor. Unfortunately for the show, though, there don’t seem to be many people using the hashtag on any platforms. Those who have talked about the show on social media don’t seem to be too impressed.

6. No Show Extras Are Available On The Discovery Website

Many of the shows on the Discovery Channel have different types of extras available on the website. This could include anything from additional content to behind-the-scenes clips. At the moment, however, the Discovery website doesn’t have any kind of extras for Curse of Akakor.

7. Other People Have Disappeared While Searching For The Lost City

As mentioned earlier, the investigation team on Curse of Akakor aren’t the first people to go searching for the city of Akakor. Sadly, however, those who came before had terrible luck. A group of explorers in the 1980s disappeared one by one while on their search. This has lead to many people thinking the city is cursed.

8. The Show Has Yet To Be Renewed

As of now, there hasn’t been an official renewal announcement for Curse of Akakor. If the use of the show’s hashtag is any indicator of how many people are watching the show, it appears that the numbers are pretty low. However, the states for the show aren’t currently available.

9. Curse Of Akakor Is The Only Show That Focuses On The Lost City

Even though the story of Akakor isn’t anything new, it’s definitely one of the lesser-known mysteries and curses.  For many people, Curse of Akakor is the first time that they’ve heard about the lost city. As far as we can tell, Curse of Akakor is the only TV show to focus on searching for the city.

10. Some People Think The Show Is Fake

As with lots of other reality shows, there are a few people out there who aren’t convinced that Curse of Akakor is real. On top of thinking the show is outright fake, many people feel that the show is only going to end up being an endless maze since it’s highly unlikely the investigators will ever find anything.

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