Couple Creates Mad Max Inspired Outfit For Their Dogs

Coyotes and hawks are well known for looking at smaller animals as a food source and in many cases easy prey. When a California couple watched their small dog be savaged by a wild coyote they could do nothing. The coyote had been lying in wait for the smaller dog and attacked in a most vicious manner, attacking its prey by latching its jaws upon the dog’s neck and shaking with a vicious jerk until the dog hung lifeless in its jaws. This is a very real problem for those that live near the wilds with small pets. Even hawks have been known to carry smaller animals off by plunging their talons into the sides of the animals before taking off again.

Predators can strike with unerring speed and accuracy and are a real threat to small pets. This couple however have come up with a stunning method by which to deter these vicious predators. Their Mad Max-inspired garb for smaller pets is a bit outlandish in appearance but comes with the benefit of being able to deter even the most determined predator.

California Couple Creates Mad Max Inspired Outfit For Their Dogs (6 pics)

California Couple Creates Mad Max Inspired Outfit For Their Dogs (6 pics)

Photos by Paul and Pamela Lott

Small pets no longer have to worry about being picked up by larger predators.

It might look a bit silly in design, but covering is geared to not only make obtaining a tooth or claw hold uncomfortable and even damaging to a predator, but the “spines” rising from the dorsal and nape regions of the garment are to cause eye and facial irritation for any predator that decides to try and take off with the smaller animal.

It doesn’t suffocate or otherwise choke the animal wearing it.

Thanks to being a cover and not a full garment this innovative piece of gear for your smaller dog is able to fend off any would be attacker and still allow them the freedom of movement and to be completely comfortable. It can be worn without hampering your pet in any way.

The garment is extremely durable.

The Coyote Vest can be worn outdoors in rain or shine and is double-layered so as to prevent even the sharpest canine teeth or talons from puncturing the garment. Plus, its double rows of spikes are designed to offer maximum discomfort to any predator trying to make off with your pet. No coyote or hawk is going to want to risk damaging themselves to snap up your smaller pet any longer when they have spikes jabbing at their gums and spines sticking them in the eyes and/or face.

The Coyote Vest can be used with or without the spines and can be purchased as a vest, a harness, or just a collar. There is a package deal that gives the purchaser all three of these options.  This device is extremely useful when walking the woods with your pet or if you happen to live near the woods where such predators might prowl.

While it might leave the dog’s underside open it presents a very big challenge to any would be predator looking for a meal.


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