Could Zombieland 3 Happen?

Could Zombieland 3 Happen?

Zombieland 3

Mentioning the idea of another Zombieland movie is bound to get some people excited but it’s also bound to make some people groan since the idea of waiting nearly another decade for a third movie to come out feels like it might be a little too long. Too many people recall that the first Zombieland, which was a lot of fun, came out in 2009, and Double Tap didn’t come out until 2019. This is one of those rare moments when one gets to admit that the sequel was every bit as good as the original movie, and it’s fair to say that if the same formula is followed, which means let chaos reign when Tallahassee is around, then the third movie could be just as good. The only thing that might screw it up is if one or more of the actors that were in the second movie didn’t want to show up for a third go-around. That might be kind of sad really since by the end of the second movie the only person without a significant other was Little Rock, who tried going out on her own and found a group of beatniks that didn’t believe in violence. 

Seriously, in a world filled with zombies, it would appear that pacifists will always survive somehow. If that causes offense to anyone then it’d be just as amusing as it was in the movie since, despite the fact that pacifism is a lifestyle and ideology that isn’t terrible, it definitely doesn’t appear to fit in a movie where flesh-eating monsters lurk just around every corner. In fact, it’s kind of hard to figure out how the pacifists in the sequel didn’t get eaten, to begin with since their defenses weren’t that great and a determined ninja or T-800 zombie should have been able to infiltrate their environment. But, for the sake of the movie, it was a nice touch since it gave the survivors something to groan about since melting down their guns and making them into peace symbols definitely fits into the category for most bone-head movies in a horror movie. 

At the moment it doesn’t sound as though there’s any plan of bringing the group back together, but Woody Harrelson is definitely all-in if everyone else wants together. If it takes another eight years to make this happen though it’s fair to think that things are going to have to change in a big way since like it or not, there needs to be a future for the group or there’s no point in pushing forward. Well, there’s killing zombies, of course, that part won’t go away, but as far as the thought of growing old and what comes next might go, one can’t help but think that there might at least be a bit of discussion when it comes to children, a new life in a messed-up world, and what that would mean. It’s not exactly a sensitive subject and it would raise the stakes quite a bit, meaning that it could make settling down in a secure space look a lot more attractive. But then again, given how the group has thrived on moving from place to place, and the fact that Little Rock might actually want to find someone to call her own, it’s fair to think that just about anything might happen. 

That’s all assuming that a third movie ever gets made, since mentioning the rumor doesn’t always mean that it’s going to happen. But if it did then one can imagine that a lot of people would be on board with it, and there would be plenty of chatter among the fans and a lot of suggestions as to what might be expected. Given how chaotic the two movies have been it’s fair to say that the third one would need to be a certified barn-burner in order to even come close to being worthy of the first two movies, and it’s also easy to think that trying to make this happen would be more than a little difficult since the ideas for zombie movies are still out there, but making them appear fresh and unique is becoming a serious challenge. One could say that zombie fans are willing to watch just about anything, but that’s kind of a loaded statement. 

If it does happen there would be a lot of pleased fans that would certainly thank the person behind it and the cast for returning, but until then it’s fun to ponder what could possibly take place that would make it worth the effort. Making a trilogy out of this story would be kind of nice since, like many movies, there’s been a huge transition between the first and second movies as the characters have grown and developed. That alone is worth writing about. 

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