The Most Controversial Larry King Clips of All-Time

The Most Controversial Larry King Clips of All-Time

Former talk show host Larry King has released information about his recent lung cancer diagnosis. The 83-year-old broadcaster was informed of his stage one Adenocarcinoma, which has been successfully treated through the removal of a lymph node and the upper lobe of one lung. the prognosis is good and within two weeks of his surgery, he was back at work just in time to celebrate 60 years in broadcasting, and he’s looking forward to another 60. He has been known for addressing some controversial issues throughout his career and here are his most controversial clips of all time.

1. The infamous Jerry Seinfeld interview

Jerry Seinfeld appeared for an interview with Larry King and in one of the most controversial segments, became angry with the host. They were discussing his television series “Seinfeld.” King asked all of the right questions including the length of the series, to which Seinfeld responded that it was a nine-year run with 180 episodes. It is when King innocently asked if the series was cancelled or if Jerry had just given it up that the problems started. Seinfeld was obviously upset as he went on a tirade about it. He emphatically stated that he was the one that called it quits and the show was not ‘cancelled.’ Although a few days later Seinfeld claimed that he was not upset, it was obvious that he felt extremely defensive and his words were slurring as though he had been drinking.

2. “What Dan Bilzerian really thinks of women | Larry King Now”

Larry King prefaces his interview with Dan Bilzerian with comments that have been made by women about how Dan treats them. It was a long list that included the objectifying women and treating them as background props instead of as human beings. Bilzerian’s defense starts out weak and he compares himself with Hugh Hefner and says, “I don’t know…I just take pictures and the women are there.” He admits that he has set up his life so there are always women “hanging around” so he can have sex when he wants to without the need for a lot of dating or conversation. He views life as a stage that simply involves “setups.” Dan discussed having pool parties with 30 of his male friends in attendance and between 2-300 girls that would come from multiple connections in the business.

3. “Jon Stewart Trashes CNN”

In this controversial clip, Jon Stewart tells Larry that he’s leaving CNN at the right time and that he is “leaving a burning building.” Stewart goes further to discuss the “false urgency” that the 24 hour news programs promote. He’s on a roll in trashing CNN.

4. “I Don’t Know This Donald Trump”

In this clip, Larry King discusses the fact that the Donald Trump he’s known for 35 years was much more liberal and modern in his approach to life. He tells a reporter that he is “sad” about the way that his friend is approaching the governing of this country and he further states that he doesn’t even know this Donald Trump.

5. “John Cusack Addresses ‘Chiraq’ Controversy

John Cusack loves the city of Chicago and he discusses his role as a Catholic priest in the film about peace and conscience. He is imploring people to calm down and stop responding to the false controversy that has been started over the Spike Lee film. Cusack gives his opinion about the ‘Chiraq’ comments that have been made with insight into recent acts of violence inflicted in the city in recent years.

The Chicago native addresses the controversy surrounding Spike Lee’s new film about the violence that has inflicted the city in recent years. Samuel L. Jackson, Dave Chappelle and fellow Chicago natives Jennifer Hudson, Jeremy Piven and Common co-star.


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