Why Avar Kriss Deserves a Solo Movie or TV Series

Avar Kriss is a rather new addition to the Star Wars franchise, but her story goes back centuries before the initial trilogy, and it feels accurate to say that she should probably be given a TV series that would adequately describe just who she was and why she would be important to the overall story. Featured in the stories of The High Republic, Avar is one shining example of a time when the Jedi were still integrated with the Republic and were seen as a valuable tool that could work with and apart from those that they served, and were far more balanced it would appear than they’ve been seen in the prequels. After reading through so many graphic and hardback novels concerning the High Republic the hope is that other aspects of that long ago time will come shining through, but so far it does feel that Avar Kriss might be one of the bright points that could carry the story in a direction that could show a ray of hope at some point in the past. One fun aspect of her story is that for a brief period of time it does involve Master Yoda, which is something that fans will no doubt enjoy should this ever come to light.

One big hope would be that much of what’s been revealed throughout the years of the time before the fall of the Republic would be brought to the fore finally, since tales of Revan, Darth Malak, perhaps even Darth Bane, and others that existed so long ago would be great to hear about since they became such cautionary tales for the Jedi in the years following their demise. But as of now, focusing on those such as Avar Kriss feels as though it might be akin to dipping one’s toes in the pool to see if the water is just fine or if further caution needs to be taken. In terms of giving a stronger and more positive lean to the Jedi, it does feel that Avar’s story might be a good way to do this unless of course, someone is going to mention that she’s white and raise a stink about it. Hopefully that’s not the case, but hey, things happen. Barring that however, it would be great to see a positive spin on the Jedi for once since in the prequels the rot that would eventually tear the Jedi apart from the inside out had already been spreading, as their antiquated practices had become a point of contention among many of them. Keep in mind that both Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi had felt an attachment to other individuals, and they weren’t the only ones. That kind of thing was still present in Avar’s time, but it feels as though there was less focus on this as the Jedi were still well-aligned with the Republic and the needs of the many rather than folded into their own monastic order in such a cloistered manner as we saw in the prequels.

It might go a long way towards restoring at least some faith in the Jedi to show Avar’s story, and perhaps even use it as a beacon for other stories along the way since there are shining examples of the Jedi within the Star Wars galaxy, even as there are hypocritical moments that people have pointed out here and there. The Jedi haven’t always followed their own code, that much is obvious, but the good they’ve attempted to do for the galaxy has often been well-intentioned even if it worked at odds with what people really needed. It’s kind of amusing really that the Jedi are supposed to be the ultimate force for good in the galaxy but end up being reviled at times and confused at others while they attempt to do whatever good they can by following the codes that were laid down by their forebears. It’s fair to say that some of them really stuck to their principles but learned how to let go of any extraneous beliefs when it was time to actually do the right thing, while others attempted to stay rooted in the dogmatic ways that started breaking down the order in such an obvious manner. One thing that anyone could say about this is that since the Force is a living, breathing thing, it was always bound to change in some form, and it was the responsibility of those that followed the Force to change with it, to flow with the current that it represented, and to know when to stand against the current and do what they felt was right.

This is one big hope that some folks are wanting to see realized, that the Jedi of the High Republic will be shown to be a little more attentive to the ways of the Force when it comes time to pay attention if only to make things a little more interesting.

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