Comparing the Current Night Court to the 1980s Version

Comparing the Current Night Court to the 1980s Version
Comparing the Current Night Court to the 1980s Version

credit: Night Court

Comparing the new Night Court to the 1980s version already feels like comparing a child who has to follow in the footsteps of a successful parent. In other words, it has a lot of expectations tossed at it and might show some promise, but it’s going to take some work. Strangely enough, that’s not a huge problem. 

Trying to compare any new show to the original that it follows is kind of tough. Fans will usually see the original as the best. That’s an undeniable fact, especially in this case. Back in the 80s, Night Court was the type of show that could get serious or stay quirky. 

It had a few of the best possible actors for each role and was unapologetic in its manner. Some might have called it lacking in diversity, and it kind of was. But the fact is that it made up for this more often than not. The sense of humor the show displayed was enough to make plenty of people forget about what it lacked. 

On top of that, the fact is that each member of the cast was solid in their roles. There was no second-guessing on the part of anyone. From Selma, the short, aged but feisty bailiff, to Judge Harry Stone, every character knew their role and played it perfectly. 

Comparing the Current Night Court to the 1980s Version

credit: Night Court

Dan Larroquette and Richard Moll are the last two core members of the original cast

Dan Fielding and Bull are the only two members from the 80s who are still around. It’s fair to say that seeing Bull again, even for just a cameo, would please fans. Gaining Dan’s services again though could help this new show immensely since it bridges the gap between generations. 

Roz is another individual that fans would love to see if Marsha Warfield would consent to head to the set. Between Selma, Bull, and Roz, it was fair to state that the original show had a set of bailiffs who were hard to beat. It does sound as though the newest bailiff, Donna, is more of a people-pleaser. 

As of now, it sounds as though the sequel is still finding its way forward. That’s expected since it’s a new look at an old idea. 

The new cast feels as though they’re still gaining their footing

One noticeable difference between the old cast and the new is confidence. The explanation for this is rooted, for some, in the idea that characters of different genders are seen to act in different ways. Melissa Rauch portraying Abby Stone, the daughter of the late Harry Stone, is an odd figure, to say the least. Much like her bailiff, she enjoys finding an amenable solution for everyone.

The original cast wasn’t like that. They didn’t always openly antagonize people, but they also didn’t bend to many people. The original cast tended to respond to others in ways that made people realize that their roles as public servants didn’t mean they were there as doormats. They were there to serve the law and have fun while doing it. 

Comparing the Current Night Court to the 1980s Version

credit: Night Court

The fact that this is a sequel is easier for fans to accept

Had this show become a reboot, it does feel that a lot of people would have expressed even stronger criticisms. Coming in as a sequel isn’t the perfect way to go, but it is far better than just trying to replace the old show. Dusting it off and finding a way to inject the old humor into it would go a long way toward making the sequel breathe in the same life that gave the 80s version its vibe. 

Humor has changed in the last few decades, but the fun part of this is that the humor that made Night Court great wasn’t so horrible. The quirky jokes and the other material that was a little sexist still made this show fun to watch. Such humor was taken in ways that made some characters look foolish at times, which only made them easier to relate to. 

The sequel has yet to really impress as many people as the original accomplished. But the trick here is that there’s a lot of room for improvement if those involved are willing to put in the work. 

The new show might need to follow the old show’s formula 

Sometimes it’s wise to follow an old formula that’s known to work. It’s not always the solution, but it’s worth the try since Night Court was a well-liked show back in its time. In fact, the old show is still discussed among many fans to this day, which means that it left an impression. 

Back in its day, Night Court was a great show that drew in a lot of fans. One can only hope that the new show will be able to do its predecessor proud. 

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