The Top Five Memorable Moments from the Show “Night Court”

Remember Night Court? It was one of the top shows on TV that made us laugh and even pay attention when it needed to. Sadly one of its stars, Harry Anderson, Judge Stone himself, passed away recently. The best performances of the show were almost always in the court room and the best times were had when bringing the defendants up to be tried for whatever it was that they’d done. This was the kind of show that people actually huddled around the TV for whenever it came on just so they wouldn’t miss it.

It was one of the best really.

5. Tuttle clip

You can imagine that some people, when they get to court, either have a total and sudden brain fart that takes control of their tongue and doesn’t allow them to go any other speed except super slow and super dim. At this point you really wouldn’t want to be in the judge’s seat or even standing next to the guy trying to explain himself.

4. Speedy

Dan was known as the would be ladies man of the court, or so he liked to think he was. So when anything or anyone got between him and his conquest of the evening it usually became one of the worst possible scenarios that anyone could think of, especially since Dan was kind of cranky when he didn’t get his way. Of course that only made him that much funnier since he had to step up his game to get things moving the way he wanted them.

3. Invisible

The show had a few guest stars show up from time to time and in some cases it helped their careers immensely. Of course Markie Post wasn’t always the foil to John Larroquette as this clip obviously shows. She did however become the preferred public defender that many people wanted to see, though she was not the only cast member that was ever switched out. Keep in mind that Ros wasn’t always there, as she replaced Selma.

2. Trekkies

Bringing Trekkies to court seems like a bad idea, especially if they’re as hardcore as this bunch in their beliefs of the show. Trying to defend those people that believe so much in the show would be kind of a headache it seems as their level of belief would be something that you’d have to contend with just as much as whatever crime they’d committed. Of course watching them teleport away was kind of funny.

1. The Magician

This was kind of a funny episode since Harry was always the kind of guy that was into jokes and even magic tricks. His antics in the court room and out of them were the stuff of legend that you just don’t see on a lot of shows today. That’s a big part of why this show was always so popular, because Harry was one of those guys that knew how to make you laugh.

After all, why do you think they made him into Richie Tozier for the IT miniseries? You’ll be missed sir, rest in peace.

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