Making the Case for Aubrey Plaza as She-Hulk

Making the case for Aubrey Plaza to star as Jennifer Walters, She-Hulk’s mild alter ego, would be pretty easy since she’s got the undeniable look that a lot of people definitely want to see for the jade giantess, but she obviously doesn’t have the girth for it. With CGI being a big part of the discussion anyway though it’s hard to rule her out completely. As Jeremy Dick of MovieWeb has already stated there have been a few names that have been tossed about when it comes to playing this character, including Ronda Rousey and Gina Carano. Both women are undoubtedly much more forceful-looking than Aubrey and would be able to represent the She-Hulk character in a much more convincing manner, but at this time it’s not for certain just who’s going to be picked for the role. The show is moving forward, that much as been made obvious, but who’s going to take the role is kind of hard to say since fans are a bit divided at the moment as to just who they want to see take on the part of Jennifer Walters and who should be playing the part of She-Hulk. There are a few things to say about each woman that’s been selected for the role, especially the trio of Plaza, Rousey, and Carano.

Let’s put it this way, Jennifer Walters is kind of like Bruce Banner in that she’s a great deal smaller and much weaker than her more savage counterpart. But where Bruce would lose his intelligence initially when he transformed, Jennifer maintained her sense of self and didn’t become a near-mindless savage. Obviously this could lead to a bit of commentary on the vast differences between men and women but the trick of it is that as reasonable and logical as Jennifer remained, she’s never been quite as strong as her cousin Bruce, but she’s definitely been able to do things he wasn’t capable of when he first became the Hulk. While Plaza, Rousey, and Carano all bring a very exciting and alluring look to the role of the jade giantess, Aubrey is really the only one that could pass as Jennifer since she’s not as built as Rousey or Carano and therefore could present the ideal body type for the character. Plus her acting is on point and she’s proven that she can do more than be a snarky and comedic character after her stint in Legion, so it could essentially work.

Getting to the part about She-Hulk needing to be CGI, it could also be that Plaza might be able to work in this capacity as well since the Hulk still makes use of Mark Ruffalo at this point despite the fact that the MCU has kind of tamed him in such a big way. Yes, the character in Marvel comics that had Banner’s brains and the Hulk’s body was still capable of being savage and had a definite attitude that wasn’t quite so opposed to physical acts of destruction. But giving Aubrey the same CGI treatment would be kind of interesting since her transformation would be less brutish than the Hulk’s and would likely be kept more alluring as she’s always been in the comics since let’s be real, the sex appeal of the character is one of the many things that’s attracted people to her and kept them coming back for a long time. Some folks might not want to admit it, but it’s very true. Hopefully this version of Jennifer might be able to tone down her sex drive, as in the comics it’s been seen that she’s kind of active depending on who she’s with and how the writers want to portray her. Calling She-Hulk a ‘free spirit’ would be kind and calling her anything else would be less so, but all in all she’s the kind of character that has a few different layers that could make a TV show a bit interesting. How far Disney will want to go with her personal life might depend on what type of show they really want to put on.

Plus, like it or not, Aubrey might actually be the type to highlight that lifestyle since it’s been seen in other productions that she has the sex appeal and the knowledge of how to use it in the most alluring way possible, even if her role in Dirty Grandpa was kind of disturbing in a way. The overall draw for her though to take on the role of Jennifer Walters is that she doesn’t look intimidating where Rousey and Carano absolutely look like they’d break someone in half. This could translate well to a CGI version She-Hulk, but the contrast between Aubrey and the jade giantess would be kind of interesting to see. It might be a little while until we find out just who’s going to be cast for the role, but fans are already picking their favorites.

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