10 Things You Didn’t Know about Colleen Crowley

Colleen Crowley rose to public attention when she started dating Johnny Manziel. Their relationship was not all that is seemed though and ended with her taking out a restraining order against him after he was violent. This controversy may have brought her into the limelight but she still remains in the public eye. Here are ten things you may not know about her.

She Went To TCU

She was studying Education for the Deaf when she met Johnny Manziel. She was a Freshman when they met and she also completed her Sophomore year at college. When she moved to Ohio with Johnny she completed the rest of her degree online.

She Is Robyn Parsons Sister

Her sister is the actress Robyn Crowley. She is best known for dating NBA star Chandler Parsons. The two of them appear to have a more stable relationship than Colleen and Johnny had.

She Is Known As A Party Animal

A lot of the pictures that emerged of her and Johnny together showed them partying. This is backed up by the photos that appeared on her Instagram account. She has defended herself over this by pointing out that she was only young during this time and was only doing what other college students did. The partying was perhaps more controversial for Johnny because he was meant to be in training as part of his football career at the time.

She Considers Houston To Be Home

Her family has lived in Houston since she was in the Fifth Grade and it is the place she considers to be home. This is one of the reasons why she did not travel too far from home when she was choosing a college. The rest of her family still live in Houston to this day. When she did move to Ohio to live with Johnny she found it difficult being apart from her family and this is something that she is not completely used to, even to this day.

She Has 120,000 Followers On Instagram

She is a star of Instagram and has more than 120,000 followers. Many people who follow her on Instagram today are not aware of the past that she has had with Johnny Manziel. They are impressed by her sense of fashion and enjoy seeing the lifestyle that she has.

She Has Done Modeling Work

She has done modeling work in the past but this is not a career that she wants to pursue. This is not to say that she wouldn’t ever do it again if the time was right. Modeling for a brand that is important to her would be something that may tempt her back into this line of work.

She Now Lives In New York

She is dating someone else now and they both live in New York. She is trying to keep the new relationship as quiet as possible but it is known that he works in the Financial District. The decision to move to New York was presumably made so that he was closer to work.

She Is Pursuing A Career In Event Planning

As part of her new life in New York, she is also trying to establish a new career. At the moment she is interviewing for jobs in the event planning and marketing industries. There are plenty of these kinds of jobs in New York and so she is hopeful of finding a new job soon.

She Has Lived All Over The World

Before they settled in Houston her family lived in a number of different countries all over the world. Her father was an oil executive and his job required him to have to move around quite a lot. This meant that the family has had the opportunity to live in various countries including Scotland and Singapore. Once they had settled in Houston there was not so much of a need for her father to have to move about and this is where the family stayed.

Other Players Blamed Her For Manziel’s Downfall

At the point when Johnny Manziel was arrested for hitting Colleen his problems with drugs and alcohol were not commonly known. Therefore, a few of his NFL colleagues blamed her for the problems in their relationship that had led to the bad publicity. However, it has been seen that he has continued to have problems even after their break up and there were also instances of bad behavior before the couple even met.

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