“Collateral Damage” Turns 20 In 2022

“Collateral Damage” Turns 20 In 2022

“Collateral Damage” Turns 20 In 2022

Collateral Damage, the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie about a firefighter seeking revenge for the death of his family, was released in theaters on February 8th, 2002. Though it wasn’t a critical success, it has gained a cult following in the years since its release. In 2022, it will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Why is this movie worth revisiting? Let’s take a look. But before that, a refresher for those who haven’t seen the movie in a while: Collateral Damage is about Gordon Brewer (Schwarzenegger), a firefighter who loses his wife and son in a terrorist bombing. He becomes obsessed with finding the bomber, and eventually learns that he is a Colombian rebel leader named Claudio Perrini (Cliff Curtis). With the help of his friend Felix Ramirez (John Leguizamo), Gordon travels to Colombia to find Claudio and kill him. While Collateral Damage may not be the best movie ever made, it’s still an entertaining action flick with some great moments. A review by Gone With The Twins wrote: “Luck, coincidences, and a series of helpful supporting characters (including John Turturro, John Leguizamo, and Francesca Neri [as an inopportune, semi-love interest]) make his maneuverings in extremely hostile territory surprisingly successful (The Wolf also has an easy time of traveling back and forth between countries). And though the subject matter is timely and relevant, the attention to action over sincerity dulls the potency of the themes – as any shoot-‘em-up Schwarzenegger movie probably should.” A more generous review from Cinema Crazed wrote: “The movie is decent; though it isn’t an action masterpiece, it’s fun to watch with a lot of good plot twists and turns that will throw you for a loop. We get a good cameo performance by Hispanic actor John Leguizamo who plays a sleazy drug cartel in tabs with “El Lobo”. I was thrown for a loop at how good this movie was and guys will love it.” Regardless of past reviews, the movie has since found a loyal following. The cast is excellent, including Schwarzenegger in one of his most badass roles. The action scenes are well-done, and the story is actually pretty good. It’s worth watching for the entertainment value alone. Here are a few reasons why Collateral Damage should be rewatched on its 20th anniversary:

It’s a classic Arnold Schwarzenegger movie

If you’re a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, then this is a must-watch. He’s at his best in Collateral Damage, playing a tough and determined action hero. Schwarzenegger’s portrayal of Gordon Brewer in Collateral Damage is one of his most iconic roles, and it’s a great example of his talent as an actor. His status as an action star is cemented in the film. Schwarzenegger, who plays a fireman in the movie, explained in an interview with Female how close he considers the role is to his heart: “14 days or so after September 11, I went to New York’s Ground Zero to walk around that area where the twin towers went down and to visit the firefighters and rescue workers. Then I went to various different fire stations after that to visit the firefighters and to see all of the shrines that they had, because each of the places I visited had at least 10 or 15 of their officers who lost their lives in this tragedy. I have to say, I was so excited about the fact that I play a firefighter, because originally when they re-wrote the script, you know, there were people who said, “Firefighter? Isn’t it better if you are a CIA guy?” And I said, “No. I think it would be more fun to play an ordinary man who saves lives.” It’s also heroic. I like the idea of playing the ordinary guy. So then there was this doubt about “Is this heroic enough?” Then when this happened on September 11, I think now the world has a whole different picture of firefighters. So I was very glad I chose that because it is a heroic profession. I remember I was big fan of “Backdraft.” You could see the things people were doing.”

The cast is impressive

In addition to Schwarzenegger, the cast of Collateral Damage includes some other big names. John Leguizamo stars as Felix Ramirez. Cliff Curtis plays Claudio Perrini, the terrorist leader who is responsible for the death of Gordon’s family. The cast also includes Oscar nominee John Turturro.

Watch it for the action scenes

Collateral Damage‘s action sequences are some of the best in any action movie. The film’s opening sequence, in which a terrorist bomb destroys a high-rise building, is one of the most intense and well-done action scenes ever filmed. It’s a great example of how to create suspense and tension in an action movie. What makes the action scenes in this movie so appealing is that they’re realistic and believable. There’s no over-the-top, CGI-laden spectacle here. Just good, old-fashioned action movie fun.

The story is actually pretty good

Collateral Damage‘s story is surprisingly good. It’s a simple revenge tale, but it’s well-told and engaging. The characters are likable and sympathetic, and the plot is exciting. This is a movie that’s worth watching for its story alone. How the characters develop throughout the movie is interesting, and the ending is satisfying.

It’s a cult classic for a reason

Collateral Damage has gained a cult following in the years since its release, and for good reason. It’s an entertaining movie with great action scenes, a good story, and likable characters. If you’re looking for a fun movie to watch on its 20th anniversary, Collateral Damage is a great choice. One reason the movie has gained a cult following over the years after its release is that it’s an underrated movie. It wasn’t a critical success when it was first released, but it’s gained a loyal following in the years since.

It’s directed by Andrew Davis

One of the reasons Collateral Damage is worth watching is because it’s directed by Andrew Davis. Davis is a great director, and he’s responsible for some classic movies, including The Fugitive and Under Siege. He knows how to make an entertaining action movie, and that’s evident in Collateral Damage. If you’re a fan of Davis’ work, then this is a movie you need to see. Andrew Davis’ filmmaking style can be seen in the movie’s intense action sequences. They’re well-done and exciting, and they show Davis’ talent as a director.

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