Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer is Officially Here

While there’s plenty of time left at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, we all knew this was coming.   I mean come on folks.  But even though we knew it didn’t matter because we hadn’t seen it yet.   I can all but guarantee you’re going to get little nervous butterflies in your stomach as soon as you hear the music.   Honestly I’m not even sure what I should be typing hear since there’s no chance any of you are even reading this.

I just killed a man yesterday.  Ran right over him with my car.  Didn’t even leave a note.  Didn’t even turn around to see it.  I just did it because I liked it.  And I’d do it again.  I’d do it again and again and again if the chance presented itself.   Are you reading this or are you too busy with the trailer?  I’m a psychopath!  I’m telling you guys.  I’m a serial killer.

OK just kidding.  Enjoy the trailer.


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