The Sacrifices Cobie Smulders Has Made to Be with her Daughters

If you want to go into the sacrifices that Cobie Smulders has made to be with her daughters then you really need to understand her mindset, which is quite simple when it comes to her family. Instead of feeding an ambition to be the best and to be so constantly busy that the world knows her name, Cobie instead chooses to be a role model for her girls and to spend as much time with them as she possibly can. To be honest, anyone that sees an issue with this needs a serious lesson in humility since Cobie has her head on straight and her priorities in order. It’s great to be famous and to be known and there’s nothing to take away from those individuals that are on the road continually and have a project every month or so. But it can take a heavy toll on family life and promote a rather distant relationship with one’s kids. While some celebrities manage to make this work others eventually find that the time they spend away from their children far surpasses the quality time that they get to spend with them. Smulders is a well-known actor and does take on projects that take her from her family occasionally, but at the same time she values the time she spends with her kids and family and tends to take on projects that will allow her more time and more experiences that cannot be replaced as the years roll on.

There’s not much sacrifice when you really look at it, as family is one of the most important things in life. Plus, there are a few reasons why the sacrifices to her career are not quite as steep.

She’s already a very well-known name in Hollywood.

Cobie has already been seen as one of the greatest and most defining characters of her career, and it’s enough that it’s been able to carry her for this long, and will possibly do so for longer. It’s unknown as of yet whether or not Maria Hill will return in the next Avengers movie, but up until this point she has been a mainstay in the MCU and seems to have no intentions of going anywhere. Despite everything else she’s done, and she’s had a successful career outside of the MCU, this is the one role that has truly catapulted her forward into stardom and made her more of a household name when it comes to the kind of exposure it’s given her. Plus, the role of Maria Hill is able to be used in many areas of the MCU wherever it’s felt that the character is needed. After all she’s been seen on TV and in movies in this capacity and never once has she broken character.

She admittedly has a great support group.

It’s very true that she has to be on site for her roles and thus is taken away from her family at times, but at the same time she has a nanny and family that help to take care of her children. Also, she is picky about the roles she takes as she does not want to be away from her family that often and wishes to show them that they are ultimately the most important part of her life. This kind of dedication to one’s family over their career does come with some sacrifices but it also comes with the reward of knowing that as her children grow they will be able to say that she was there for them whenever possible and whenever it was truly needed, which for children is most times. It’s easy to condemn actors for not being around their children that often but a great many of them do try and are not as absent from the lives of their children as one might think. Cobie places a greater amount of stock in raising her kids and letting them know that she is there when they need her than she does on her career, which is still important but is also more of an end to a means, as she tends to think of it as playing more than working. It’s an interesting way to look at acting really, and not faulty to be quite honest.

The acting parts will come.

Right now Cobie has proven that she’s worth waiting for. What this means is that her acting has been so solid that she is worth taking the time to wait for if it’s possible, and there’s no need to pressure her into anything. Cobie has shown her talent on numerous occasions and at his point should very easily be able to pick and choose what jobs she wants. And to be even more honest, any director worth their chair should be grateful if she decides to work with them.

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