10 Things You Didn’t Know about Christie Murphy

A lot of times if you don’t happen to know just who a person is in show business you can at least assume that they’ve done something behind the scenes that’s worth noting or they’re a reality star, and the latter holds true with Christie Murphy. When you hear ‘reality star’ a lot of people might roll their eyes and think about the nonstop drama that some of these individuals tend to find themselves in and in some cases cause all on their own. To be honest though it would seem that Christie, whatever viewers might think about her, hasn’t really fallen into that particular pit as much as others. That’s a big reason to actually enjoy talking about her a little more since it opens up a door that leads to more interest and positive thoughts than many others might invite. In fact looking at her profile it would seem that she’s more about enjoying her life and those around her than she is about creating unnecessary drama, which is far from the norm and kind of nice really.

Here are a few things about Christie you might not have known.

10. At this point she’s not married.

It would seem that this just isn’t something she’s considering at this point in her life and to be honest it might not be the kind of thing that she’s going to put a lot of energy into until she’s absolutely ready. Hey, everyone does thing on their own schedule.

9. She identifies as a lesbian.

Christie dated men for quite a while it would seem until she found out that she couldn’t really stand them. This might seem like a hot button issue that some folks would love to debate until they’re blue in the face, but overall it would seem that she’s happy this way and is enjoying her life.

8. Her net worth is currently under review.

As a reality star it’s easy to assume that her net worth might not be as much as others that are more invested in their acting and have done so much more, but it seems fair to say that she might be worth a good amount when the number is finally announced.

7. Christie owns her own boutique.

Being a business owner made life a bit difficult when she was considering her stint on Big Brother since it meant that she couldn’t talk to anyone that was operating her business while she was away, which for any business owner can be a truly nerve-wracking experience since no one that’s running a business wants to be away from the day to day operations for that long.

6. She’s a very family-oriented individual.

From the photos she’s posted Christie does have a very strong bond with her family and does enjoy spending time with them. The one thing that any of us would be wise to remember about reality stars is that some of them are simply acting the part as they’re being directed since it makes for better entertainment. When the cameras are off though some of them are quite different people.

5. Christie lost quite a bit of weight.

While it might seem to some people as though she didn’t lose quite much in the grand scheme of it she did lose enough that she felt a lot better and was more confident about her body when it was all said and done. After all we’ve all got struggles to deal with, this was hers.

4. She has a decent amount of followers on social media.

In truth there aren’t a whole lot of people on her social media accounts as followers but it’s enough to indicate that she’s managed to turn some heads and gain the attention of enough people that happen to think that she’s become someone of interest.

3. Christie is currently in her late 20s.

Whether she tries to go beyond Big Brother in order to create a career in show business or if she just decides to remain with her boutique there’s a lot of time in which she can decide to do whatever she wants. That’s the great thing about being relatively young and already ahead of the game, you’ve got a lot more options in life.

2. She admitted to using her sexuality on the Big Brother show to her advantage.

In some cases you might roll your eyes and say ‘of course she did’ but in others it’s not that far out of touch with what others do when it comes to reality TV. After all people are out to win these competitions and are bound to do what it takes.

1. One of the strangest things that people state is annoying about her is that she whistles too much.

This is kind of an interesting quirk since quite honestly it’s a wonder that anyone would whistle that much.

It’s nice to find someone from reality TV that’s not just a bundle of drama.

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