Christian Bale Will Play Dick Cheney in New Adam McKay Project

Christian Bale is an actor who is known for making extreme transformations for the roles he plays, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted he’d ever be playing Dick Cheney.  However, that’s the word on the street right now.  Bale will team up again with The Big Short director Adam McKay to film a movie about the former Vice President.  The project, which isn’t titled at this time, will also feature Academy Award nominees Amy Adams, and Steve Carell.  According to We Got This Covered:

The film continues a move into more socially relevant work by filmmaker Adam McKay — also an Academy Award winner — after the success of 2016’s The Big Short. This Dick Cheney film will see McKay bring the producers of The Big Short back together — as his Gary Sanchez producing company reunites with Plan B’s team — including Brad Pitt. The project also will cast Steve Carell as former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney — wife of Dick.

Now that casting choices have been announced, this film has suddenly become much more intriguing. The life and times of Dick Cheney are already fascinating — with his rise from Halliburton Chief Executive to being one of the most powerful U.S Vice Presidents in history presenting an impressive plot arc. Indeed, he is a man whose social and political impact continues to be felt around the world today — eight years after his departure from office.

While I think all of us can agree that Bale is going to put everything he’s got into this movie, it’s Amy Adams that might draw attention.  We never really knew much about Lynne Cheney during the Bush Administration so Adams could very well be a wild card in this film.  I have no doubt that McKay and his team are going to put in all the research necessary to make this as authentic and autobiographical as possible.   Shooting for the film is reportedly being planned for the fall with a release date some time in 2018.

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