Luc Besson is Getting Pretty Tired of Superhero Movies and Americans

It’s a good thing that we don’t have to listen to absolutely everything that people say. Are Americans a little full of themselves? Sometimes, yes. Do we make grandiose movies about overpowered superheroes? Yep. Are we the only ones? Nope. Granted, the USA does everything a little bigger and a little crazier when it comes to fantasy, and superheroes, and, well, just everything. But is that a reason to hate on anyone? Is that a reason to throw shade at an entire country? Luc Besson seems to think so. He also seems to think that it’s impossible to relate to superheroes that are so overpowered that they couldn’t possibly understand a regular person’s problems.

Keep in mind this is the guy that created Lucy and The Fifth Element. You know, about women who were OVERPOWERED. One of them even happened to be an AMERICAN. Your argument, sir, is not valid.

Besson seems to lounge quite easily in hypocrisy.

Let’s just look at a few of his films. Granted not all of them feature super-powered individuals that are miles above their counterparts in terms of skill and power, but almost all of them are larger than life in many ways and the majority of them are Americans.

The Transporter-An American soldier, retired, living in France, who transports things for a living at an exorbitant rate. He isn’t the most violent person but when he is there’s virtually nothing he can’t do. He’s larger than life in the fact that can defeat pretty much anyone and has to be totally and utterly surprised to even stand a chance of being beaten up.

The Fifth Element-A woman that is essentially perfect in every way. She can learn at an exponential rate, she is super strong, fast, and a superb fighter once she learns. In other words she’s the perfect weapon. She is proven to be vulnerable, but then again she is proven to be able to stop the ultimate evil when called upon to do so. So she’s not overpowered or anything, right?

From Paris With Love-Wax on, Wax off. Right, he’s not super-powered, he’s intelligent but not a braniac, but he’s just flat out tough. Plus he has a larger than life personality. Plus, he’s an AMERICAN. Wow, for all that he likes to rip on Americans and their supposed “go big or go home” attitude he sure likes putting that kind of thing in his movies.

Lucy-An American woman, yep, still an American, that gets caught up in drug smuggling and is forced to carry something illicit in her body. But oops, the substance gets out, alters her DNA, and makes her this awesome, super-powered individual that has no chance of relating to humanity any more once the changes begin. Wait, so she’s super-powered and can’t relate to humanity, but she’s in a Luc Besson movie? Hit the buzzer, he’s done it again.

I get the feeling that some people really don’t think before they speak, and that Besson’s little rant about superheroes and his disillusionment with them comes from somewhere just beyond a sense of reality. Besson, of course superheroes can’t relate to real people, because news flash, they aren’t real. Americans on the other hand are very real, despite what you think, could care less about your opinion.


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