Marvel Fan Puts Every Single MCU Scene in Chronological Order

Marvel Fan Puts Every Single MCU Scene in Chronological Order

You could say that Tony Goldmark is indeed insane for even wanting to do this, but somehow and some way he’s managed to compile every MCU scene in chronological order. Did your brain fuse trying to figure that one out, or like a lot of people did you just let it float on by and say ‘oh, that’s nice’ ? If you did the latter don’t feel too bad since something like this would take an uber fan to even think about doing since even Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb appears a bit taken back by the effort, as well he should. This is the kind of thing that fanboys and superfans are known to do, taking it upon themselves to compile lists of data and entire charts that show just how a movie universe goes together and what order it should be watched in if you’re interested in looking at things from a chronological point of view. The fact that he admits to being insane isn’t too groundbreaking since for a lot of people this would be an easy assumption to make given the fact that just trying to read through every line in the post above is bound to give a lot of people a headache since the general idea is ‘let’s enjoy the movies, not analyze them to death’. Let’s just say to each their own with this and call it good, since otherwise it’s a huge argument waiting to happen between supposed ‘real fans’ and casual fans that just want to watch a decent movie and not worry about timelines.

Admittedly it’s kind of interesting since watching a mind like this work and compile this kind of data into what amounts to a streamlined fictional tale, or as streamlined as it can get, is bound to intrigue a lot of people who don’t know how or why the MCU works as it does. After all the Marvel universe has been jumping back and forth through time pretty frequently since it started up given how we went from Iron Man to Captain America and then to Thor and then so on and so forth. Maggie Tillman of Pocket-lint has more to say on this matter. It could possibly make people wonder just which timeline is the dominant one, but by the time Endgame rolls around people might groan as they figure that everything from the first Avengers movie forward might have to be retconned since obviously Loki has one of the Infinity Stones and something monumental would have had to happen to insure that he didn’t use it in some way that would have messed up the future. But let’s not get into the future talk because it’s only bound to get more confusing thanks to Endgame. Plus, talking about time travel would kind of mess with Tony’s whole effort, though it does sound as if he thought about it and is in full agreement that of course Endgame would screw things up a bit. Ah well, that’s kind of how it goes, especially since The Eternals will be bound to mess with the timeline, as will a bunch of the other movies that are coming, including Black Widow, which has yet to be released. Added onto that is the fact that there are still ideas to bring the X-Men and the Fantastic Four into the fold, so that will screw things up a bit more.

It was a good and very impressive effort to be certain and it should be noted that he put the time in to make it work, but seriously, it’s not bound to stick if only because of the movies that are still on their way and the fact that they’ll have to be dialed in as they come. Putting it that way though it does sound as though it might not be too hard if Tony already has a working framework of the timelines and really wants to put in the extra effort. It’d certainly be less work than waiting for the next phase to drop and then taking everything and watching it yet again, since that’s bound to take some time and won’t be happening for another year or two at the earliest, given that the next movies coming out aren’t going to be for a little while yet and won’t be available on video for at least a few months after if not longer. Somehow it’s easy to think that if not Tony, someone will be up for the challenge again, but keeping in mind that’s a lot of footage to go over and a lot of scenes to take note of, there are likely more people that would gladly say hell no and just wait for someone crazy enough to make it all come together. David Trumbore of Collider has more to say on the topic. It’s fun to note that Tony admits to being crazy enough to do this, but imagine what that crazy could do if he told his own tale at this point.

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