Chris Hemsworth Wants to Be in a Star Wars Movie

Chris Hemsworth Wants to Be in a Star Wars Movie

There really aren’t a lot of people that would talk this down if you want the truth, since Chris Hemsworth starring in a Star Wars movie seems like something so natural that it might just happen one of these days. What part he’d play is kind of hard to pin down though since we’ve seen him as a thunder god from old Norse mythology, an MIB agent, a Formula One driver, and several other roles including a brief stint in Star Trek. To think that it would be easy to pin down one definite role would be kind of presumptuous, but we can definitely state where we’d like to see him. Considering that he’s been the hero in so many presentations it would be nice to see him continue this trend since he is the kind of guy you look at and think ‘hero’. But then again maybe it would be interesting to see him as something else, perhaps a villain for once, or even a neutral party that needs to be swayed one way or the other. Ashley Connell of ScreenRant seems to think that it’s just a matter of time before we see Chris in a Star Wars movie as well, so that could mean that there’s some hope since this sentiment is echoed by a lot of people, including Chris.

One of the most obvious desires it would seem is to see Chris as a Jedi or someone that’s allied with the good guys since of course this is how he’s been seen in so many movies. Can you imagine someone of his size and stature being made into a Jedi? Combat expertise would no doubt be one of his best attributes and his command of the Force would likely be far more aggressive than many, a making Hemsworth into anything but a fighter seems to be kind, well, not right. If he became a Sith, or Dark Jedi, or just someone with evil alignment, it still seems as though he’d need to be made into a very physically imposing figure if only because this really suits him. In Star Wars there’s always the chance to show a less aggressive side as well since the same has been seen in the Thor and Avengers movies as well, but in this instance he’d need to be a badass when the fighting was initiated, as anything less seems to do a discredit to his imposing figure.

As far as any future Star Wars movies are concerned however it might be a while until we actually get to see them, since Rian Johnson has been hemming and hawing about his own attempt moving forward, while the idea that the creators of Game of Thrones might make their own is another issue that has yet to be fully realized. One thing is certain, we won’t be likely to see any Skywalker’s, at least that’s the rumor, and moving forward we might actually see a desire to push away from the Jedi and Sith and focus upon the galaxy as a whole instead of renewing the old grudges and hatred again and again. After all there is a whole galaxy out there filled with sentient beings that utilize the Force in many different ways. But to be honest eschewing the Jedi and Sith completely is kind of like taking the one ring out of the Lord of the Rings, as the franchise has been built upon the Jedi and Sith war that has raged for so long. There are many different aspects to it that can be explored however, as the Jedi and the Sith both ranged far and wide looking for new students, knowledge, and other Force-based techniques that were utilized by other races. This is where Disney’s ill-advised attempt to make the EU canon into something of the past while cherry-picking bits and pieces from it is rather unwise. At this point they can’t really dive fully into the EU canon since to do so would be to invalidate the trilogy that’s going to be ending this coming December. Had the Mouse House thought about things before pushing forward with such fervor they might have realized that they could make great use of a universe that had been created by George Lucas and fleshed out by several writers throughout the years.

In the EU canon Chris Hemsworth and many others could easily shine as they might take up roles such as Kyle Katarn, which might fit his person to a tee. There would also be a Galactic Civil War that could be touched upon, and the always ready to be mentioned Yuuzhan Vong war that nearly decimated the universe and changed it in ways both profound and fundamental. But yeah Disney, good job with what you’ve done so far. Chris Hemsworth could still be a great addition to Star Wars, but it might take a little doing.

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