Chicago PD Preview: Meet the Stars of Chicago Justice

Chicago PD

Tonight’s episode of Chicago P.D. is pivotal in two ways. Firstly, it’s a huge episode for star Marina Squerciati, as the episode finds her character at the center of a legal mess which could tear the police department apart. Secondly, tonight marks the introduction to Dick Wolf’s next installment in the Chicago franchise, Chicago Justice. Before tonight’s episode, we thought it would be a good idea to get to know the circumstances and the characters which merge Chicago P.D. and Chicago Justice‘s stories together.

Officer Kim Burgess and her partner Officer Sean Roman are ambushed while out on patrol which leaves Roman shot. Burgess pursues and shoots the suspect, but things take a terrible turn when the person she shot doesn’t seem to be the same person who attacked her partner. An all out war threatens to erupt in the city in the wake of her actions. Between racial tensions, accusations of police brutality, and the very public reveal of Burgess and Roman’s affair, Burgess needs all the help she can get. Cue the introduction of the State’s Attorney’s Office, who join the Intelligence Department to defend Burgess.

Chicago PD

We know Intelligence is already very well-equipped at investigations, but even they are going to need help to solidify Burgess’ defense. That’s where State’s Attorney Investigators Lori Nagle (Joelle Carter) and Daren Okada (Ryan-James Hatanaka) come in. They have to do just as much investigating into the shooting as Intelligence, but they will be objective. The Assistant State’s Attorney is Peter Stone (Philip Winchester). With the help of his co-counsel Dawn Harper (Nazneen Contractor), he is responsible for defending Burgess and the Chicago PD. He will do the best he can to his abilities, but he already has a messy history with Intelligence as he is the one who sent Voight to prison. And at the top is their fearless and stalwart leader, State’s Attorney Mark Jefferies (Rocky‘s Carl Weathers).

We know very little about the team tasked with protecting Chicago’s finest when they must fight for their careers, but we’ll have to get to know them pretty quickly as they are the only chance at protecting a cop Chicago P.D. fans have come to love. Can they protect Burgess and save the city from erupting into a war zone?

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