Chicago Fire: A Rollercoaster of Emotions and Revelations

Chicago Fire

This week’s Chicago Fire takes us on an emotional rollercoaster as Severide and Dawson make progress in their investigation into last week’s storage locker, Mills grapples with the aftermath of his kidnapping, the Chaplain’s life hangs in the balance, and Boden receives some unsettling news during what should be the happiest time of his life.

Unresolved Emotions and Unforeseen Consequences

Starting with the smaller revelations of the week, we see Mills struggling to cope with his emotions following his recent kidnapping. Suppressing emotions is never a good idea, but it’s especially dangerous when you’re dealing with high-pressure situations daily. In Mills’ case, he vents his anger on an abusive husband who he couldn’t stop after a domestic violence call. It remains to be seen whether this will come back to haunt him.

A Life-Saving Decision and a Second Chance

In this episode, we’re reminded of Chaplain Orlovsky, a man who has been a constant support to the department. After a terrible car accident leaves him and another woman trapped, Casey faces a heart-wrenching decision: free his friend or the other driver first, knowing that his choice could result in one or both of their deaths. True to his character and in line with Orlovsky’s wishes, Casey opts to save the other victim first and spends the rest of the episode hoping his decision doesn’t cost the Chaplain his life. Fortunately, it doesn’t, and this good man gets a second chance at life (and a freshly painted apartment courtesy of the pee-wee hockey league).

Family Matters and a Heartbreaking Diagnosis

On a more somber note, just when life should be going great for Chief Boden, he is hit with the news that his father has stage four cancer. Initially, the senior Boden drives his daughter-in-law up the wall, offering unsolicited advice on how to care for her newborn son (pro tip: never tell a sleep-deprived new mom what to do). However, when Boden’s father reveals his diagnosis, it becomes clear that Boden won’t let his father leave anytime soon.

A Disturbing Discovery and an Intense Crossover

In one of the most unsettling revelations that Chicago Fire has ever given us, Severide and Dawson begin their investigation into the fire that killed Shay (because, as Severide reminds us, no one will turn over every stone like they will) and discover that the fire was indeed arson, meaning their best friend was murdered. This sets the stage for next week’s Chicago Fire/Chicago P.D. crossover, which promises an intense search for the arsonist. That means double duty for me next week as we dive into this epic crossover, a feat I should have anticipated given Dick Wolf’s team’s talent for seamlessly weaving together the shows.

Other Noteworthy Tidbits

– Casey and Dawson are still broken up, and it’s still very much weird when she calls him Lieutenant.

– On a positive note, Dawson and Brett’s roommate/”mermaid” situation is working out well (as is Brett and Cruz’s relationship, TMI).

– Hermann is the quintessential over-invested hockey parent, rallying the department for support for his son’s pee-wee league. I would say he goes a bit overboard, but I’ve seen hockey parents up close, and if anything, Hermann’s performance is on the understated side.

– Who knew that the Chaplain was once a major contender for the NHL but turned it down to become a man of the cloth?

All in all, a fantastic setup for next week’s crossover. What did you think?

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