Chicago Fire 100th Episode Review: A Tribute to Chicago and its Firefighters

Chicago Fire

A series’s 100th episode is a celebration for the show and its fans. It’s an opportunity to say thank you to fans who have tuned into the previous 99 episodes, and make a major turn in the narrative. For Chicago Fire‘s milestone 100th episode, the writers pulled out all the stops to write a love letter to the fans, firefighters and paramedics, and the city of Chicago itself. Our favorite characters are taking different leaps in their lives, one of the busiest streets in Chicago is shut down in an emergency, and as always, Molly’s remains Firehouse 51’s home away from home.

The cases Firehouse 51 covers this week are a tribute to the city as much as any of the personal stories. From a silly teenager cooking hash in his basement because he clearly failed high school chemistry, to a clown knocked out by a baseball bat outside a school (justly in my opinion since scaring children is not cool). It all leads up to a complicated multi-vehicle accident in the middle of Downtown Chicago where House 51 gets to show just how well-trained, well-equipped, and caring every single person is. The point is that no matter how well-trained you are to save a life, every case is unique, as it should be.

Any hope anyone has of Severide finding Mrs. Right and living happily ever after shouldn’t hold their breath. Severide himself has said that he is married to the job. All the same, the routine of sleeping with a different woman every night gets to be so mundane Severide can’t even remember a woman’s name the next morning. Severide knows he needs a change, he’s just not sure what it is. He needs to figure it out before he becomes his father on marriage number five. Though Severide initially thinks that a fishing trip with Casey will give him the answers, he gets a better offer. When Severide has to go Chicago Med to get treated for a burn, former firefighter, now Dr. Jeff Clarke realizes his friend could be a bone marrow match for one of his patients. It seems weird to think that Severide’s everyday saves could be boring, but this is a way to save a life in a completely different way. He needs something to make him feel again, even if it’s pain from a needle drilled into his hip.

For anyone who hasn’t noticed, Molly’s hasn’t been the most popular bar in town for the last few months. Herrmann and Otis are now seriously concerned for the bar’s future. When Otis finds a record of the bar’s original opening date as a pub, he gets the idea of throwing a huge Centennial celebration in Molly’s honor. A big party arranged around the historical value of a glorious town institution can only help the bar break even. Kidd is already pushing the idea of prohibition-themed drinks when Otis gets the Chicago Sun Times to cover the celebration. Unfortunately, Otis fails to do a proper job researching Molly’s history. He completely misses the fact that the bar was once the site of a massacre of gangsters. The veins in Herrmann’s neck begin to flare as he anticipates angry protestors and the loss of his business. Herrmann forgets that people are actually fascinated by true crime stories, which is why the line for Molly’s Centennial party wraps around the block with customers taking the Crime Tours bus trip. It wouldn’t be a true Chicago Fire episode without an inspiring speech from the firefighter considered its heart, and Herrmann delivers beautifully.

Dawson’s dreams come true when she is considered for permanent placement for Louie. She couldn’t ask for better news, except that Louie deserves more than one parent. Casey considers himself to be Louie’s dad as much as Dawson considers herself to be his mother, so why shouldn’t they apply for co-adoption? The problem is that while anyone who knows Casey and Dawson knows they are the forever kind of couple, the court only knows what’s on paper. The two have not been living together for that long, so co-adoption is a slim shot at best. They decide that it will be best if Dawson applies to adopt Louie as a single parent so that at the very least the state can never take him away. Casey says he will be happy being Louie’s dad in every way other than legally, but when Louie actually says the word “Daddy”, all bets are off. Surrounding in a circle of friends, and still in the work gear, Casey and Dawson finally tie the knot! It’s fitting that fans get to see these two make it to this place after five years, especially since it’s the celebration before the storm. For a few days Casey has noticed someone lurking outside his home and the firehouse. Just as Casey, Dawson, and Louie are reveling in their new family status, the stalker walks out of the shadows to announce himself as Louie’s father, and he wants his son back.

Was the 100th episode everything you hoped it would be?

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Chicago Fire celebrates its 100th episode by showcasing the heart of the series and the city it calls home.

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