10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chelsie McLeod

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chelsie McLeod

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chelsie McLeod

Chelsie McLeod became a contestant vying for the heart of “The Bachelor Australia” heartthrob Matt Agnew. She became immensely popular when she won the competition and emerged as the 2019 winner, gaining the heart of the handsome young bachelor. Although viewers learned a little about her on the show, it was just enough to prompt yet more questions about who she is and what she’s done in her past. We all realized that we really didn’t learn that much about her. After just a little research, we made quite a few discoveries about her we’d like to share. Here are 10 things about Chelsie McLeod that you probably didn’t know.

1. Her life got busier after winning the prize

The prize, being Matt Agnew, Chelsie McCleod was the definite hands-down winner as Matt proclaimed his love for her. Winning the show didn’t mean that she as going to be able to kick back and relax right afterward though. As it turns out, the couple were busy fulfilling their media obligations and interviewing about the project. They’re still the subject of gossip columns around the world and fans want more information about them as they move into their new life together.

2. There have already been rumors of the couple breaking up

Matt and Chelsie haven’t been a couple officially for that long, and there are already rumors spreading about his relationship with Abbie Chatfield. There was talk about them having sex while on the show. There was even a rumor floating around that she was possibly pregnant with his child. Gossip-mongers ventured that this could push Chelsie over the top and cause the couple to call it quits, but the piece that we reviewed was careful to denote the “what ifs” instead of stating these rumors as facts. The two could be in for a long haul of these types of rumors because it’s what sells these days, true or not, just the hint of suspicion seems to be enough to make a story out of.

3. Chelsie was picked on for a photo she posted

Chelsie McLeod is getting a lot of attention whether she wants it or not. There was a recent photo of her posted, looking stunning, but immediately, someone pointed out that it’s probably been photoshopped. We couldn’t help but notice that in the picture, one arm is definitely larger and longer than the other one. She has an amazing body style and she’s a lot better proportioned than the photo suggests, but we’re not quite sure what’s up with that.

4. She’s a chemical engineer

People were impressed with Matt Agnew for his smarts, but he’s met his perhaps perfect match in Chelsie McLeod. She is an educated lady who holds degrees in chemical engineering herself. So they’re both educated and this is something that the couple has in common with one another.

5. Chelsie finished her education quickly

We were amazed to learn that it didn’t take McLeod long at all to finish her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. While this is normally a four to five-year program, she completed the requirements for her degree in just two years. That’s half the time, maybe less.

6. She has two University degrees

Chelsie completed her undergraduate studies at Melbourne University. When she was finished with this program, she enrolled in the next level upwards. She took courses for a Master’s in Chemical Engineering as well. She was awarded her graduate degree in 2014. We think that this is quite impressive and it shows that she’s a really smart and dedicated lady to accomplish this feat while still in her early 20s.

7. She’s a natural leader

After graduating with her master’s, Chelsie was hired to work at WaterWerx. There she served as a trainer in the Water Quality Performance division. This is an extremely important job and the part that really impressed us the most is that she was the person in charge of training others to do the job. Most viewers of “The Bachelor Australia” don’t realize how smart and strong she really is.

8. McLeod has a strong resume already

In addition to working as a trainer at WaterWerx, Chelsie also served as a process engineer. In this job, she was charged with generating biogas, improving water quality and assessing costs. She worked with a variety of different plants throughout Victoria, including Gippsland Water factory and Gippsland Water. This is what she’s been up to for the past four years, besides appearing in “The Bachelor Australia.”

9. Her life will never be the same

Chelsie McLeod has done something that will change her life forever. Prior to appearing on the reality television series “The Bachelor Australia,” she had the freedom to live a normal and private life. After achieving a measure of stardom, finding this kind of privacy and anonymity becomes more elusive. Her life is something that fans and viewers want to know more about and this includes both good things as well as the bad.

10. The future is a bit uncertain for Chelsie

McLeod seems deliriously happy with her new fiancee Matt Agnew and the two have a lot of living and loving ahead of them. That is if things go the way that they’re hoping. They will still endure the ups and downs of celebrity life and there will always be someone poking and prodding for personal information. It’s just the nature of the beast when you’re in the public eye. We’ve already seen numerous rumors posted and there are those who like to point out that Matt has kissed a lot of women, plus more. It’s going to be tough for Chelsie if she sees the photos and reads the content, but we wish them the best.

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