Check Out Short Film “Lightning Face” With Oscar Isaac

Check Out Short Film “Lightning Face” With Oscar Isaac

Check Out Short Film “Lightning Face” With Oscar Isaac

It’s amazing how many viewers bypass short films because they believe they are too flash in the pan. The truth of the matter is that you are missing out on some of the best entertainment out there. They’re not all good, but some are fantastic. “Lightning Face” is one such film that is a must see. Twitter has been abuzz with posts from fans who are excited and want to share this with others, so we took a look and joined the buzz. It was a good experience and here is why you should check it out.

Normal guy we can all relate to

The short starts out on a Saturday that isn’t particularly different than any other day, until it hits. Basil Stitt (Oscar Isaac) is a normal guy who has an abnormal encounter. As if it were prepared for special delivery to the his face, a lightning bolt strikes. It doesn’t take long before all of the normal in Basil’s mind and body makes an exit.

Great artistic expression

Isaac takes the character and runs with it. What could otherwise have been a drab and bland film is transformed into a truly interesting story. The movie is shot totally within the four walls of Basil’s apartment. It is a testament to what a talented actor can do with limited space. Speaking of space, prepare yourself to experience infinite space, but we’re not giving out any spoilers here. You need to watch it on your own because words cannot do the film justice.

What is the best part of the film?

This is difficult because there is so much that is worth experiencing. The lighting effects are top notch. It offers the origin story of a superhero with some intense twists. The undertones are complex, but not so much that you can’t discern them. you’ll get a heavy dose of the bizarre, mixed with dark comedy and a sinister sense that takes you though a maelstrom of impressions. The best aspect of the film will probably be different for each person who watches it, simply because there is so much that stands out to the discerning eye. It’s actually fun to watch because it has so much to offer.

Artistic and creative writing

“Lightning Face” is a brilliant example of what can happen when a writer takes on the challenge of developing a masterpiece under unusual constraints. Brian Petsos both wrote and directed the film and brought the world something that showcases is awesome abilities. Challenge accepted and victory won in this case. It turned out to be an exorcise in improv that worked out very well for everyone involved. It delivers high on emotion, fun and a bit of mania at times. It’s no wonder that Isaac accepted the role because it is a true artist’s dream job. The film is a trip directly aimed towards insanity, but it somehow brings together meaning and comedy in a twisted meld of reality and surreality. It’s the kind of movie that everyone can take something away from and we encourage you to check it out.

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