Check Out This Awesome Fanmade Fallout Movie Trailer

Fan-made trailers can usually range from campy and kind of odd to even disquieting since fans do tend to make trailers according to their own taste in movies, games, and anything that they happen to enjoy. But this trailer for Fallout is fairly well done as it pulls from several movies in a very telling manner that creates a story that is easy to follow. For those that haven’t played the games Fallout should hopefully paint a rather telling picture since it has to do with an altered timeline following WWII in which technology advances in a different manner and eventually China invades Alaska, forcing the USA to expend both their own and Canadian resources to take it back, alienating and even annexing Canada in the process. Eventually the breakdown between nations leads to a global war that sees nukes flying every which way, destroying the world in effect and making it that much more difficult for the survivors to eke out a living among the blasted remains of a dead world that won’t be easily reclaimed. All in all the game sounds absolutely intense since a player can use their own customized character or choose from one of three main characters that each specialize in their own skills.

There are plenty of doomsayers that might go ahead and claim that Fallout is a version of the future that might not be so far-flung since the world as it sits now is not a completely civil place and the threat of nuclear war is in fact a great fear of many considering the technology that resides in the hands and control of a few and the power to use it that resides in the hands of even fewer. One could say that it’s not about to happen, that nuclear warfare isn’t going to simply pop off in the middle of the night, but human nature is, as people should have discovered by now, a tricky and very fickle thing that doesn’t account for a lot of variables at any given time and can turn on a dime if a person is so inclined. In other words, underestimating anyone in this day and age is not a wise decision since it could lead to a very bad end, as the game shows. A movie however would be something interesting since the whole premise is just different enough that it might be something worthwhile to put on the big screen.

Such a story might even work on the small screen as a series as well since this kind of tale could possibly be one that might be told from the point of view of several different people in many different locations. The big screen would no doubt be a strong first choice since the idea of hitting the theater is more lucrative and definitely more flashy, but the ability to tell a tale that plays the long game and is there to entertain people and give them something new with each passing season would be enticing as well. Post-apocalyptic stories tend to get a nod from people quite often as they’re the types of stories that focus on humanity in a big way and the moral issues that people somehow find so appealing a lot of the time. In a world where survival is key and the plight of those that survived the initial attacks are the unfortunate ones many people tend to pay close attention as the story tends to be unbearably tragic and yet somehow finds a way to offer some hope in some way that is still beset on all sides by tragedy, danger, and uncounted variables that tend to crop up at the worst possible times in the tale. Fallout would no doubt be a movie that a lot of people would become excited about if only because it offers another look into a world that’s been shattered by human arrogance and gives people something else to look at that might tell a tale of a future that we’re leaning towards if people can’t learn to get along.

Throughout the history cinema there have a been a lot of movies that predict the end of the world or show images of it and theorize just what would happen and how people would react to a ravaged and ruined world that was left behind. As a game, Fallout is one of the many that people have found to be endearing as well as addictive in a way since it implies that despite the end having already come, the struggle is never over since even after burning everything to ash people are still going to fight, and possibly over the same ash that was created. Such a movie would show the cycle of humanity in a light that is somehow far too real, but it would be highly anticipated anyway.

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