Check Out This Musical “Rick and Morty” Remix Based on Season 3 Episode

Check Out This Musical “Rick and Morty” Remix Based on Season 3 Episode

Check Out This Musical “Rick and Morty” Remix Based on Season 3 Episode

So Rick turns himself into a pickle. Somehow this is a victory for Rick, as he spends a while exulting in the fact that he is now a rather durable gerkin that eventually becomes a very durable gerkin with improvised limbs that are fused to his pickle body and allow him to take on what looks like an army of rats as he slices and dices his way through them and even yanks one of their ribcages out as he throws it forcefully at another rat, thereby killing it as well.

He’s the Terminator of the food world, and to be quite honest it’s not even the most ridiculous part of the show. How can that be?

Rick and Morty has been one of the more “out there” cartoons for a while now and going into season 3 it didn’t appear that it was going to slow down and guess what, it still isn’t. Why would a show that’s such a hit in its own time slot slow down anyway? It’s been attracting an audience of such impressive size that to do anything but go full speed ahead seems to indicate weakness and a desire to upset the fans on a personal level. We wouldn’t want that now would we?

Maybe that’s why the series makes so little sense as it jumps from one thing to another and expects the fans to just keep up as the insanity continues to ensue. It’s engaging, its entertaining, and it’s so nuts that it would take someone that doesn’t want a lot of plot or anything approximating an epic story to really pay attention to it. Follow all that? Good, because I seemed to have gotten lost around the term “epic” when it comes to describing this show.

It has a strong following no doubt and a very loyal fan base, but the question of why isn’t so important any longer so much as “how”. Madness, mayhem, a plot line that jumps from point A to point H to point D and then back to point Z eventually only to make another bridge to point L it seems. What’s not to like about a show where a guy actually turns himself into a pickle? It scares the heck out of cats, confused Morty, and once he has all his limbs attached allows him to take on rats like a pint-sized mercenary out for blood. And then, wonder of wonders and thanks to Rick’s psychotic mannerisms and deadly inventions he’s able to take on a gun-toting bad guy, at least I think it’s a bad guy, who’s firing more bullets at him than all of Schwarzenegger’s last few films put together.

Rick and Morty is a popular show alright, but I think a few of us are still trying to figure out why even into the third season. It’s almost like another South Park in which a lot of people think it will come and go but somehow it sticks around for an encore and then another one and then somehow becomes ingrained into the human psyche in a way that’s reminiscent of a tick burrowing into a deer’s hide. They know it’s there but can’t get it out on their own.

As analogies go it’s just disturbing enough to make sense when talking about Rick and Morty.


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