“Charmed” Reboot Gains Momentum: CW Orders Pilot

“Charmed” Reboot Gains Momentum: CW Orders Pilot

People who remember the late 1990s and the early 2000s might remember Charmed, which was a rather popular TV show that was broadcast on The WB. For those who are unfamiliar with its premise, it was centered around a trio of sisters who were supposed to be the three most powerful witches in the entire world who chose to use their powers to help rather than to hurt others. However, their involvement with the supernatural created challenges for their normal lives, as shown by the fact that they were investigated more than once by law enforcement over the course of the series. Regardless, Charmed was so popular that it ran for a total of 178 episodes over eight seasons, so it should come as no surprise to learn that there has been a fair amount of interest from The CW in reviving it for both old and new viewers.

In fact, there has been so much interest from The CW that there is now an order for a pilot for a Charmed reboot. Moreover, there has been a fair amount of information released about the pilot, which should come as welcome news to those who have been following the Charmed reboot with interest.

For starters, it has been stated that the Charmed reboot will be a feminist series, which is expected when its predecessor boasted some strong feminist underpinnings, so much so that it was actually studied in some academic courses as an example of third-wave feminism translated to the TV screen. With that said, it will be interesting to see how the Charmed reboot will engage with fourth-wave feminism, seeing as how it has been revealed that it will be set in the present. This is a significant change from previous plans to make a prequel to the original Charmed that would have been set in the 1970s, but on the plus side, this means that we could see members of the original cast make appearances on the new series with no continuity issues whatsoever.

Otherwise, the content of the Charmed reboot sound much as what most people would expect from a Charmed reboot. For example, there is a mention of the sisters fighting demons. Likewise, there is a mention of the importance of the relationships between the sisters, which was something that took central stage in the original Charmed as well. Although the Charmed reboot will now be written by the same people behind Jane the Virgin, it seems probable that it will be much the same as its predecessor save that it has been updated for modern times, which should be encouraging to those who follow reboots with trepidation.

Of course, it should be mentioned that the Charmed reboot is no more than a pilot at the moment. As a result, it remains to be seen whether it will prove successful enough to warrant a full series. However, considering its premise as well as the people responsible for bringing that premise to the TV screen, it seems reasonable to say that the Charmed reboot has a fighting chance at the very least. Regardless, more news should come out as progress is made, meaning that Charmed fans should keep their eyes peeled.

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