The Top 20 Moments in the History of “Lost”

The television series “Lost” was a favorite of thousands of viewers for 121 episodes and it kept them very well entertained and in suspense about what would happen to their favorite characters. Now that the journey is over, fans can look back to the journey that they took with the cast over the six seasons that the show aired. Some moments were sad but some were truly amazing. It’s easy to look back and see things that we couldn’t in the beginning. Now that we have the whole story, earlier plot builders have become more evident. There has never in the history of television been a show like this. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this time in our lives other than a reminder of the series with an offering of the top 20 moments.

1. “LOST eye episodes’ openers season 1 to 4”

One of the shots that would become an iconic image in the series is Jack opening his eye. This is how the pilot established him as a main character in the series from the beginning. Of course, there was no way to tell that this would be a regular thing in the first episodes, but as it continued, viewers began to get the idea. This is a clip of Jack opening his eye from the openers of the first through fourth seasons and it is guaranteed to jog a few memories. After the show moved ahead some distance, we learned that this would be one of the signals that something important was about to happen.

2. “Lost “Walkabout” Ending”

This is the first episode since the beginning of the series that has its focus on Locke. It was the fourth episode of the first season and it was one of the more surprising “Lost” moments. It remained hidden for the entire beginning of the series up to this point, that Locke is a paraplegic who needs a wheelchair to get around. The writers of the show revealed Locke’s secret by using the flashback method. Locke is seen arguing with a walkabout guide who tells him that he’s not up to the excursion and dismisses him from going on the bus. It is in this episode that he establishes the famous line that we’ll hear more from him in time to come. He yells, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” It was a classic moment that tied in so well with the character after the plane crash. He was shown wiggling his toes and standing up, then running, which is something he couldn’t have done prior to the crash. It shows us all that good things can come out of tragic circumstances.

3. “Jack’s Live Together, Die Alone Speech: Season One, LOST”

When the group of survivors hit the six-day mark, Jack steps up to the plate. After a woman drowned earlier in the morning, when going for a swim, the guy that tried to save her was raked over the coals by the rest of the group. He addresses the group and lets them know that there is no reason to believe that anyone is going to come for them so they need to figure out how to live together, or die alone. The speech had quite an impact on the somber collection of survivors who realized that he could be right in his musings. Jack’s speeches would become outworn as the show progresses, but in the beginning of the series, it packed quite a punch and it was just what the group needed to hear if they wanted to survive their ordeal as a group. This further set the tone that Jack would become a leader among the people stranded on the island. He would later form an incredible bond with Locke that would go beyond understanding. Ultimately, the speech would have the greatest meaning at the climactic end of the series when all of the mysteries and secrets are revealed.

4. “Lost – Timeline: The Raft sets sail”

This moment happened in the 22nd episode of the first season. It is part one of the memorable episode in which the survivors actually had a few rays of hope. Walt, Sawyer, Michael and Jin set sail in the homemade raft in hopes of finding a rescue. After the inhabitants had seen their share of pain, suffering, death, destruction and very frightening moments, it was nice that a lighter moment presented itself. There was no way to tell from these simple moments just how crazy things would get for them in the days to come. At this point in the series, it was all about survival and the hope that they would one day get off of this island and back to their regular lives.

5. “Lost – S01E25 – Jack vs Locke = Science vs Faith – “It’s destiny!””

This is another special moment that happened in the first season during part two of the 22nd episode. Jack and Locke have a discussion about free will versus fate in a debate that attempts to answer the age-old question of which is the governing force. The two cannot agree over the answer. Jack maintains a clinical perspective on the topic while Locke is just the opposite. As the show evolves, it’s interesting to see the changes in both men from this pivotal point in the story to where they were at the close of their time. After watching the entire series, it makes us wonder, what did Locke know back then? It’s almost as though he had a secret that he wasn’t sharing. Locke was a complicated character that was a mix of anger, contempt and all of the good parts of humanity all rolled into one. It was as though he was trying to school Jack on the things that were important. It wouldn’t be until much later that everyone would realize how weighty this statement would become as the show comes to an end.

6. “Lost – Timeline: The Others take Walt”

This was one of the more suspenseful moments from episode 23 of season 1. It was a twist that nobody was prepared for as the “Others” appear on the island from the darkness of the night sea. It appeared that the rescue was actually going to happen, but we were wrong. When the “others” make the statement, “We’re going to have to take the boy,” it was crystal clear that they had no intention of helping the survivors back to civilization. This started a mystery that would continue on for a full season, with the questions of who took Walt, where did they take him, and what was their reason?

7. “Lost – Desmond blows the hatch”

In the opening of the second season, it’s revealed what is down in the Hatch. This is one of the best moments on “Lost” because it came across of a flashback of Jack prior to his becoming a doctor. The long hair was a giveaway. Between “Make Your Own Kind of Music,” by Mama Cass, and the brilliant us of the camera as it climbs along the shaft of the Hatch, we see Jack, Kate and Locke looking down and it was precisely as it was and the season’s end.

8. “Lost: Opening the Hatch In Real Time”

This is the moment when Jack and Locke had their second major discussion about faith and science. It happened right after Jack went back to the hatch and shared the numbers with Locke. Locke explained that Jack was the right person to push the button, but Jack was hesitant. Locke wanted to why Jack thought it was difficult and Jack asked why Locke thought it was so simple. Lock responded asking him why he believed it was so hard to believe. The reason that Jack didn’t want to push the button was because he didn’t believe that anything would happen if he did. Just before time was up, Jack found it within himself to make a leap of faith and he pushed the button.

9. “Lost – Timeline: Ana Lucia kills Shannon”

The is a special moment when the survivors of the tail section and the members of the other group come together, but it wasn’t a happy reunion As Shannon is following Walt, Ana Lucia loses it because of her fear. She can’t handle the whispers that she is hearing out in the jungle. She starts randomly shooting at anything that moves. She accidentally shoots Shannon to death. It’s a travesty that Sayid had finally found a new love only to have her die in his arms. This is one of many heart wrenching scenes in the series as things are really beginning to heat up fast.

10. “Michael Kills Ana Lucia & Libby”

Michael murders Ana Lucia and Libby in the “Two for the Road” episode. This is one of the most disturbing moments. Ana Lucia stole Sawyer’s gun and was planning to use it on Ben. After all, he had tried to kill her. Michael told Ana that he would do it because she couldn’t go through with it. The real shocker came when Michael told her that he was sorry, and out of the blue, shot her dead. The grisly scene had not reached it’s apex. As Libby walked in, Michael killed her too. This moment is so shocking that it is definitely one of the most memorable moments on the show.

11. “LOST Season Two – The Other 48 Days Episode 2×07 Part 1”

This is the moment where The Others see the airplane break up. Ben (Henry Gale), Ethan and Goodwin watch the tragedy unfold and then pretend that they are also survivors of the crash. The Others who were thought to be so savage, actually live a civilized domestic life in a well-built village. The beginnings of this very odd and surreal story start to take place, but viewers have no idea of how crazy things are going to become in the near future.

12. Lock’s Father”

This was a very moving moment. When Locke refuses the surgery that could help him walk again, Dr. Shepherd visits his father in the nursing home. He cannot walk, talk or even comprehend. When Shepherd returns to talk to Locke, he reveals that his father is in this state because Locke, being a new pilot talked him into going on his first solo flight with him. He doesn’t remember what he did wrong to crash the plane, but it resulted in both men being severely disabled. He refuses the surgery that could help him walk again because of the guilt that he feels for being the cause of his father’s plight. This is a very odd moment to look back on because later in the series, we find out that it really isn’t even close to being the truth of what had happened.

13. The truth about Locke’s con man father

Prior we saw a memorable moment as Lock’s gave Dr. Shepherd the explanation of how he became crippled. This moment reveals the real truth about John Locke’s father. He is a con man that will stop at nothing to achieve his ends. When John confronts him about the woman that he’s seeing, he tells him that the wedding is off. When John picks up the phone to call her, the father rushes at him and forces him through the plate glass window where he falls to the ground from several stories up. As he is lying on the concrete walkway below, a stranger puts his hand on his shoulder and Locke awakens. He tells him that he’s sorry this had to happen to him, but everything is going to be all right, then he walks away. Looking back on this scene, at the time it was a big mystery, but later, it makes perfect sense.

14. “LOST: LOCKE meets JACOB”

John Locke and Ben pay a visit to Jacob’s cabin in “The Man Behind the Curtain” episode. this is a chilling moment, but none-the-less, a memorable one. Ben escorts Locke to visit Jacob in his cabin. When the two get inside, Ben starts acting like he’s mentally disturbed. Talking to a chair with nothing but air in it isn’t that normal. Out of nowhere, a voice is heard begging for help. As Locke shines his light in the place where he hears the voice coming from, things get really wild.

15. “Through the Looking Glass – Charlie’s Death”

This unforgettable moment happened in the 23rd episode of Season 3. It is one of the moments that viewers will not be able to forget because this death was one of the hardest for fans to accept. Charlie was told over and over again that he was going to die and Desmond was the one telling him. Charlie makes the decision that he must sacrifice himself to make sure that the the survivors are rescued. As he is trapped in the water filled hatch, his death does prevent the facility from sinking to the bottom. He knew he was going to die and made the sign of a cross. This was one of the most moving and sad moments in the entire show.

16. “Jack and Kate meet after the concert”

This is one of the most moving scenes. It shows that Jack and Kate both managed to get off of the island. Kate remembers and tells him how much she missed him. As she touches his face, Jack begins to have flashbacks to the island and he almost remembers, but can’t take the memories and turns away. This is one of the moments that is almost painful to watch, but there is still hope. Jack doesn’t remember, he only has flashbacks that don’t tell him much. Still, he is aware that he knows Kate and that there is something very special between them, or at least there was at one time. When Jack had been in the hospital with Locke after his surgery, Locke begged him to go back with him. Jack didn’t understand what he meant or what he was talking about. He told him that he had to get to a concert to meet his son. Locke replied that he didn’t have a son. Jack was disturbed at this thought and left to go where he believed his son would be. Upon reflection, he did have the conversation with Kate, but Locke was right because there was no boy there to meet him. Jack was still confused even though he was trying so hard to remember and to understand what was going on.

17. “Desmond and Penny – Phone Call Session”

This was another of the greatest and most heart wrenching moments in the show. Penny had given Desmond her phone number when they were together in the past in hopes that he would be able to reach her eight years down the road. Desmond is on the freighter and calls the number. the two profess their love to one another in a scene that you must see. it is as though all of the hurt from the past has been done away with as the two are frantic to keep the conversation going. Desmond has achieved his goal and although he isn’t given much time to make the call, in the end he says that it was enough. he was satisfied with the knowledge that he and his beloved Penny had the chance to talk and to be honest with one another. This is perhaps the greatest love story of all time.

18. “Jack’s Death”

This special moment is enough to make the toughest viewers cry. It’s one the nobody wanted the face as a reality of the show because he was one of the favorites for quite a few of the viewers. Jack is lying on his back, bloodied and he sees a jetliner flying over the clearing in the trees. The dog is lying beside him. We have the scene opening with that familiar opening of his eye, but as this moment ends, Jack closes his eyes one last time.

19. “We Have to Go Back Kate”

In this touching moment Jack struggles to tell Kate how he feels about the island. He tells he that he’s sick of flying and that they had made a mistake. Jack reinforces that they were not supposed to leave. Kate disagrees and tells him goodbye. It’s heart wrenching to hear him say “we have to go back Kate,” as she boards the plane. Reflecting back, we can see that Jack didn’t yet understand what Kate already knew. There was no going back, nor any desire to do so. She had remembered and was moving on, but Jack was still searching. He still needed to remember and to learn how to move on. This would come later.

20. “The End – Jack remembers”

Jack touches a coffin and almost lifts the lid. As he does, he begins to have mini flashbacks. He turns and his father is in the room. He asks him how it is possible that he is there with him. After the conversation, Jack realizes that he is dead. When he asks his father where they are, he responds that they are in a place that they have created so they can meet one another again. This is one of the most riveting scenes in the series and it has a bittersweet tone. We learn the most lessons from this single moment as it seems to sum up what the entire adventure has been about. Jack’s father describes the reason for everything as the circumstances that were necessary to help people to remember and then to let go. We can see that this was one of the predominant themes throughout the series, but in until it was presented in the end, it wasn’t really something that viewers could wrap their minds around.

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