Characters in Avatar: The Way of Water that Needs Further Development 

Characters in Avatar: The Way of Water that Needs Further Development 

It’s been a week since the release of the sequel of the 2009 Avatar. Since its release, Avatar: The Way of Water has had an exceptional reception with a corresponding rise in Box Office earnings. But honestly, there’s absolutely no surprise—it’s James Cameron, after all!

If you’ve watched the movie, you’ll agree that certain characters’ stories needed to be expanded beyond the fantastic exploration of Pandora’s environment and storyline. As a sequel, especially with one that has a unique storyline, there were new cast additions (So, definitely no spoilers there!).

Although Neytiri didn’t get as much screen time as she did in the first Avatar, or as we would have loved, fans can take solace in having new favorites to root for. So, without further ado, these are the top four new characters we hope future Avatar films can develop.

Disclaimer: The post contains lots of spoilers. If you don’t have the heart for suspense-filled films, the post can help provide a soft landing.



credit: Avatar: The Way of Water

Although it’s been only thirteen years between the first Avatar film and this sequel, Pandora, it’s been about fifteen years. A lot has happened with the Sullys, as they’re now a family of seven. The lovers-turned-couple, Jake and Neytiri, now have three biological kids—Neteyam, Lo’ak, and Tuktirey (Tuk). They’ve also got two adopted kids, Spider and Kiri.

One look at Lo’ak, and it’s easy to see he’s truly the son of Jake and Neytiri. He’s got his parent’s stubbornness and resilience. This pays off when he’s left stranded by Aonung and his friends. Lo’ak can befriend an outcast Tulkun named Paykan.

His ability to connect mentally with the creature puts him on the radar as a possible hero. Let’s also not forget his budding romance with chief Tonowari’s daughter, Mireya. It’ll be interesting to see how Lo’ak’s character develops in future sequels.



credit: Avatar: The Way of Water

Speaking about making connections, Kiri’s ability to learn the ways of the Metkayina clan is unique. However, it leaves many questions as to why she can do so. For those who still don’t know who Kiri is, she’s an adopted child of the Sullys. The character is an Avatar child of Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver).

Kiri is a quick learner as she learns the ways and traditions of the Metkayina clan faster than the other Sullys’ kids. Unfortunately, at the film’s end, Cameron fails to tell the audience why this is possible. It’s only fair to demand more from the character as there are several arcs it can be spun into.



credit: Avatar: The Way of Water

Undoubtedly, one of the characters whose story viewers are waiting to see progress. Spider is the adopted human son of the Sullys. He was born on Pandora but could not be evacuated back to earth. He has grown into a teenager who has learned the ways and traditions of the Navi clan.

When the clan is sent to hide among the Metkayina clan, he does his best to learn their ways too. However, what’s most striking about the character is his connection to Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang). In the movie, it’s discovered that Spider is the son of Quaritch, the movie’s main villain.

Looking to lure and kill Jake, Quaritch decides to capture the clan chief’s kids. He succeeds in capturing Spider. Although he claims not to have any emotional connection to the boy, it changes towards the movie’s end. When Quaritch holds Tuk hostage threatening to kill her, Neytiri turns on Spider and takes him hostage, too.

The series of actions that follow should leave Spider betrayed by the Sullys. Yet, he chooses to return to the Navi people, refusing to side with his birth father. There’s no doubt that Spider character will have a lot of screen time in future sequels.



credit: Avatar: The Way of Water

Tsireya’s character is introduced when the Navi clan runs to the People of the Reef to hide from Quaritch. Mireya is the daughter of Tonowari, the Metkayina clan’s leader. Her mother is Ronal, played by Kate Winslet.

Unlike her brother Aonang and his friends, Tsireya is more than willing to teach Sully’s kids the customs and traditions of her people. Later on in the movie, she becomes Lo’ak’s love interest.

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