Castle 7.03 Review: “Clear and Present Danger”

Castle 7.03 Review: “Clear and Present Danger”


In this week’s Castle, Castle and Beckett get their groove back in more ways than one. In what is a fluffy, flirty, and fun episode, a pool shark (but maybe not just that) gets murdered by an invisible assailant, while our dynamic duo try to ignite the fireworks between them.

Just as Castle and Beckett decide they’ve been ready to do the horizontal mambo since Rick’s two month disappearance, a phone call interrupts their run to the bedroom. The victim, William Fairwick, was stabbed in the chest with a pool stick. It seems to be a locked room mystery, with one slamming of the door and locked windows in a high-rise building. The victim seemed to work for Greenblatt Insurance, but made his real money hustling Wall Street-ers. But recently, he’d been scared that he’d “sold his soul to the devil” and his time was up. Castle hops right on to this theory, which is solidified by the mysterious surveillance tape Tory shows them. In it, the victim, once in his apartment, appears to be alone, with the door mysteriously shutting after the murder is over. “The devil came and got his due.” Kate remains the rational detective, ready to look at the facts, but Castle is overjoyed to think it might be the devil taking Will’s soul. “You live by the cue, you die by the cue.”

This episode was rife with great Castle/Beckett sexual tension, literally because every time they try to have sexy times, the phone rings and Kate’s professional nature won’t let her ignore it. There were so many great moments of banter and case foreplay, like what we used to see before they got together. The scenes are especially ripe with tension as it’s been over two months since they were together and also because they have opposite opinions on what happened to the victim. All very classic Caskett interactions, which was great after the tension between the two in the last few episodes. Both sides of the show are great and I’m glad we’re on the comedy side of the dramedy genre this week (but I can’t wait until we catch more clues into Castle’s disappearance).

Castle and Beckett, rather than head to their own home, meet Donna Brooks. She’s a marine biologist at Hudson U, who claims they were sort of dating. Will went to MIT briefly and met Donna there. Then, they head to the victim’s place, looking for his key card to Greenblatt Insurance. Once there, they spot the key card, but are attacked by an unseen force! Whatever it is almost gets away with the key card, but Castle does a quick swap and the “Invisible Man” as Castle later calls him, gets his credit card instead (which gets a proud look from Kate). Kate doesn’t tell Gates about the invisible nature of their attack, but the experience haunts her and Castle for the rest of the evening.

Just as they have a chance to go home and have alone time, they constantly feel as though they are being watched and can’t go through with it. Castle tries to rig up some pots and pans (why does he even HAVE so many?), strung up by dental floss, but Martha gets caught in the web of pans and kills the mood entirely.

The next day, they head to Advance Apparel, where they are greeted Agents of SHIELD style by men in suits looking to get them off their property. Their leader, Dr Sarcov, wants them gone, until Castle mention invisibility, which piques her interest and cooperation. She tells them that they are in the business of “cloaking,” developing invisibility suits using technology and science. But they couldn’t have been involved in the murder, because they haven’t actually gotten their technology to work. So who did? Will’s neighbor, Henry, who is an online gamer in the game TerraQuest, worked with Will on developing the suits. He’d used it once to attack Tom Talmadge, the newly wealthy owner of a ride-share service called Hytch. Henry says Tom left him out of his cut and when Henry confronted Tom, Will had to calm him down. Together, they realized that the suit was too powerful (it was the “one ring” and needed to be cast into Mordor, aka destroyed), but then Will died. If Henry didn’t kill Will, who did? Who else had a piece of the development of the technology?

Donna. Henry mentions cuttlefish and Castle and Beckett realize that the marine biologist Will was “seeing” had less to do with romance and more to do with her research on cuttlefish camouflage. She kept calling and calling until she murdered him in heartbroken rage. Castle and Beckett charge after her though the university labs, locking themselves in a room with her as she puts on the invisibility suit. She sets fire to the lab and as Castle extinguishes the flames, he and Beckett simultaneously realize that they can use the extinguishing material to catch sight of invisi-Donna. Donna is apprehended and Castle and Beckett head home to play with invisible suits of their own.

We got back to the fun side of Castle this week and it was great seeing Castle and Beckett get back into their crime fighting, and romantic, groove. The episode didn’t directly deal with the season mystery, but worked to re-solidify the bond between Castle and Beckett, as they were on such uneven footing in the last two episodes, even as she came closer and closer to believing in Castle’s amnesia. Now, they’ve “mind melded” back professionally and personally and can begin to heal after their ordeal and walk down the aisle on even ground in a few episodes.

Quotes and Moments:

  • “That’s not creepy, that’s probably cause”
  • “Our killer’s not Spiderman.” “Right. Because it’s the devil.”
  • “What?” “You just kinda make nerdy sexy.” “It’s true.”
  • Ryan’s side hustle at “Menhattan” had me cackling with laughter. From his terrible cover stories to the little “uniform” Javi graced him with. Poor Kevin will never live it down. “Blue is my color.”
  • “You had amnesia for two months. I missed it more.”
  • “Is that your hand on my leg?!” “Um, yeah. Pretty sure.”
  • Martha’s screams in the pan-web were priceless.

What would you do if you were invisible?

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