Whatever Happened to the Cast of TV Show “Galavant?”

Cast of Galavant TV Show

You don’t often hear about a lot of musical fantasies on TV and there could be a reason for that. Galavant wasn’t thought to be outright horrible but a lot of folks tend to like their musicals on Broadway or in films and don’t seem to have time for them on TV. In all honesty it’s easier to simply watch a half-hour long episode and be entertained without having to listen to one song after another. But it’s easy enough to give Galavant points for trying since it did manage to bring about a rather interesting tale. Galavant, the main character and protagonist of the story, was a down on his luck knight that was seeking his happily ever after while having to contend with the weak-willed King Richard. The series didn’t get too far, though apparently at the end of the second season there was a massive battle in which Galavant got to lead an army of zombies against his enemies. Unfortunately the show was cancelled after the second season and hasn’t been seen since. It could be that it just wasn’t the right time for it or the market for such a show had come and gone. After all, people have been riding on the coattails of Once Upon A Time for a while.

Here’s what happened to the cast after the show was over however.

Vinnie Jones – Gareth

Vinnie is a well-known name in Hollywood and his mug is very prevalent in a lot of movies and TV shows. Some of the best work he’s done was before this show ever aired, such as Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and of course his role in Snatch. Since this show however he’s been keeping busy and has at least four or five movies to his credit as well as an appearance on one TV show.

Luke Youngblood – Sid

If you recognize Luke at all you’ll be amazed to know that this was the kid that played Lee Jordan in the first two Harry Potter movies. He hasn’t done a whole lot since the show but it could be that he’s reassessing his career or taking the time to scope out the kind of parts that he really wants.

Mallory Jensen – Madalena

Mallory has been more active in TV following this show but she’s managed to get in on a couple of good shows to be honest. She was featured on Agents of SHIELD as Madame Hydra, which is no small thing really since being involved in anything to do with the comics these days is a bright mark on a person’s resume. But she also went on to appear in an episode of This Is Us, which is another show that people happen to love and tend to remember folks from. So even if she’s not tearing it up on screen at the moment she’s made a few decent appearances.

Karen David – Isabella

Fantasy was obviously her thing around the time of her appearance in Galavant since she would go from there to play the role of Jasmine in Once Upon A Time for a number of episodes. She’s also appeared in an episode of Criminal Minds, which is another show that looks good on someone’s resume as it implies that they’ve done something worth noting, hopefully.

Timothy Omundson – King Richard

He’s been fairly busy since the show ended, in fact he was featured in the Woody Woodpecker film and he did manage to show up in a couple of TV shows as a guest star for an episode or two. One has to remember though that Galavant didn’t end all that long ago. There’s a chance that a lot of these folks are still looking for the right roles and filling the time with what they can get.

Joshua Sasse – Galavant

It would seem that Joshua latched onto another main role in a show called No Tomorrow, which is kind of ominous when you think about how Galavant ended. In truth the show was canceled in 2017, so it would seem that Joshua might need to pick his roles a little better just to insure that the show he’s starring in is one that’s going to be around for a longer. It’s not his fault obviously, but things do happen.

To be honest if you didn’t know about Galavant then don’t feel too badly about it. The show might have had some redeeming qualities, and that’s a safe bet, but it’s also a good bet that due to its nature and the fact that it wasn’t hyped up as much as possible that the producers didn’t have a lot of faith in it. That doesn’t give a lot of hope to those that are acting in the show, but it does say that Hollywood is in some dire need of the kind of spark that it used to have.

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