Carol of the Bells on a Harp Is Incredibly Soothing

Carol of the Bells on a Harp Is Incredibly Soothing

Carol of the Bells is an incredible song that is soothing no matter where you hear it, but played on a harp is something unique and special that actually makes the eyelids start to droop as each note draws out and is consumed by the piece as a whole. The song has been used a number of times throughout its history in many different ways in film, concert, and TV. But each and every time it is usually just as masterful as before and just as beautiful. It’s even been adapted to rock and roll in a way that gives it a heavy punch that still alights upon the nerves in a most pleasing way.

During the holidays this is one of the more prolific songs that can be heard throughout stores and even in the streets since it tends to be one of the most well-loved tracks and brings a smile to many faces as it plays. Performed in this manner though it does offer a nice counter to wakefulness. I had to pause the clip just to get the article done since it is that powerful when heard. Christmas music can be swift, jaunty, and campy, or it can be classic, meaningful, and hypnotic in the way that it grabs one’s attention and silently demands it for the entire piece. Carol of the Bells is like that no matter how it’s being played.

The song was created in 1914 and does have lyrics, but quite honestly I prefer it without. The instrumental version is far superior I think since there are songs in which lyrics tend to get in the way. No offense to Leontovych or Wilhousky, the men who brought the track together, but the sound of the music is so great that gumming it up with lyrics is kind of hard to appreciate unless you happen to like the original version. Many people do since the lyrics, when done right, can make it sound just as hauntingly good and create a stunning blend of music that can help ring in the holiday in a way that is both respectful and traditional. But like I said, I definitely prefer the song sans lyrics.

I kind of wonder how hard it is to learn how to play this, or any song, on a traditional harp. The instrument doesn’t seem like it would be that easy since it really takes deft movements of the fingers and requires a great deal of focus and concentration. It’s not like a cello or a guitar or a violin which all use a solid backing against which the strings resonate. This instrument uses strings that are suspended between two mooring points and are thus allowed a lot more freedom to move it seems. I know little to nothing about harps but am fascinated by their design. Their construction seems so simple and yet I get the feeling that it’s anything but.

Regardless of all this the song when played so well on the harp is quite lovely, and easily able to soothe most anyone’s aching nerves.

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