Amy Grant Reveals She Will Host Her Niece’s Same-Sex Wedding At Her Farm

In our world today, Love honestly loves, and Amy Grant has never faltered in supporting the LGBTQ community. Well, it isn’t easy for her because we all know and love her for Gospel songs. She has won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Gospel Performance, so it’s pretty clear that with all her fame as a Gospel artist, she’d be put in the spotlight for supporting the LGBTQ family.

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Amy Grant recently revealed that she would happily host her niece’s same-sex wedding. This would be at the farm where she lives with her beloved husband, Vince Gill. This got two very extreme reactions. Amy received widespread praise for supporting her niece full of Love and respect, but at the same time, she received a lot of criticism from some Christian community members.

Amy Grant Considers Her Niece’s Sexuality A Gift

Yes, I said that right; Amy believed it was a true gift for her and her family when her niece came out and said she was a lesbian. She just pulled out another card when you thought you couldn’t love and respect someone, even more.

Amy later told Washington Post that the wedding would become the family’s first “First bride and bride” nuptials. A pretty big deal if you ask me to cause, let’s be honest, how many of you have gone to her and her wedding? It’s simply amazing.

Credit: @amygrantofficial

Amy Grant’s Response When Her Niece Came Out

I can imagine how difficult it must have been for her niece to come out knowing that your aunt is a whole Award-winning Gospel Artist. Yes, I know times have changed, but we all care about what our loved ones think of us. So when Amy Grant publicly accepted and praised her niece despite all the criticism she would get, it was simply beautiful. This was her response:

“What a gift to our whole family to just widen our whole family’s experience.”

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The Queen of Christian Pop had only one simple sentence to support her Love for her niece.

“Honestly, from a faith perspective, I always say, ‘Jesus, you just narrowed it down to two things: love God and love each other. I mean, hey – that’s pretty simple,” she told the Post in an interview. It was then later published in late November, and guess what? She then became the first Contemporary Christian musician to receive a Kennedy Center Honor.

The sensation deserves it and much more.

Amy Grant Trending Because Of Her Response

The funny thing about all these is that Amy made those comments weeks ago, so why suddenly is it causing such a huge deal? Well, she started trending again simply because it was noticed by the Christian news outlet—Rev. Franklin Graham then shared it as a link on his Facebook page.

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He then criticized how the icon was supporting her family. Yet, despite his criticism, many others impressively came forward, showing support for Amy and how she openly supported her niece.

“Amy Grant is trending right now because she loves her niece. That’s sweet,” one fan said.

“Amy Grant hosting her niece’s same-sex wedding means the same people who hated her when I was a kid get a chance to hate her all over again,” another fan added.

“She rules, they are all terrible, they were always wrong, and they will always be wrong.” And many others followed suit.

Credit: @amygrantofficial

Amy Grant’s Stance On LGBTQ

This wasn’t the first time Amy was in the spotlight because of the LGBTQ community. In an interview for Hunter Kelly’s Proud Radio podcast that was held last year, she made pretty straightforward comments about the whole subject.

“Who loves us more than the one who made us? None of us is a surprise to God. Nothing about who we are or what we’ve done. That’s why, to me, it’s so important to set a welcome table. Because I was invited to a table where someone said, ‘Don’t be afraid; you’re loved.’ …Gay. Straight. It does not matter,” Amy told Kelly.

Amy Grant is a member of the 2022 Kennedy Center Honors class, and the ceremony will be aired by CBS on Wednesday, December 28th.

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