The Truth About Carly Waddell and Evan Bass’ Divorce

The Truth About Carly Waddell and Evan Bass’ Divorce
The Truth About Carly Waddell and Evan Bass’ Divorce

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass were both part of a TV dating show. Waddell was on the show before but didn’t find love. Boss also didn’t find love, but that was when he was on a different show. They both ended up on the same show, Bachelor in Paradise, in 2016. At first, Waddell didn’t like Bass. In fact, she was not happy with their first kiss. But Evan Bass liked Carly Waddell from the start.

Things changed when Bass got sick on the show. Waddell took care of him, and that’s when she started to see him differently. They spent more time together, and she eventually developed feelings for him. At the end of the show, he asked her to marry him, and she said yes. However, after being married for three years and having two kids of their own, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass decided to split up in December 2020.

Why Did Carly Waddell And Evan Bass Divorce?

Evan Bass talked about the reason his marriage with Carly Waddell didn’t work. During their time on Bachelor in Paradise, they developed a strong connection. However, once they left the show, they struggled to establish a solid foundation for their relationship. They neglected important discussions about their values and how to handle challenges in life. This was particularly challenging due to Evan’s children from a previous marriage.

He believes they didn’t establish their relationship correctly after leaving the show. Waddell expressed her thoughts on their breakup, mentioning that it occurred the day after Thanksgiving. They had been attending counseling for a significant period in an attempt to resolve their issues. Apparently, they dedicated much of their energy to their children and didn’t prioritize themselves enough.

Waddell believes this played a major role in their breakup. Also, she revealed that Bass was the one who initiated the end of their relationship. In 2020, they encountered difficulties when attempting to purchase a house. She bought a house that Bass didn’t want to live in. Despite feeling deeply saddened, she is striving to maintain a positive outlook for the future.


Carly Waddell’s New Album Was About Evan Bass

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass decided to part ways in December 2020, but they still look after their kids together. Waddell is now ready to share some new songs with the world. She talked about her music on the podcast Click Bait with Bachelor Nation. People wondered if her songs were about her break-up with Bass. Altogether, she was very honest in her response.

She explained that she began writing songs with a music company and two other songwriters about two months after Bass asked for a divorce. But she didn’t want to focus on the split in her music. She wanted to create songs that were fun and made her happy. Even more, she wanted to make songs that were fun and empowering for women. Waddell hoped her songs would bring joy to people, much like Shania Twain‘s music. She mentioned that not all her songs were about Bass.

She sees herself more as a storyteller than a songwriter focused on her personal life. However, Carly Waddell did share that one song does talk about her time with Bass, but it’s more about their children. This song is partly about their children, among other things. She doesn’t like it when people think all her songs are about her ex-husband. His goal was to write enjoyable music that makes people feel good. 

Carly Waddell Has No Plans To Date Again

Carly Waddell ended her marriage with Evan Bass. She’s been single for a while. She’s not actively seeking a new relationship. But she hopes to meet someone special while living her life. Waddell is focused on her own life. She takes care of her kids and pursues her music career. Dating isn’t her priority right now. She’s content with her current situation.

After the breakup, she faced tough times. But now she’s in a better place. She focuses on self-care and finding happiness. Time has helped her heal and become stronger. She believes things will get better for others too. There’s speculation about the couple possibly getting back together. But for now, they focus on co-parenting and moving on with their lives.

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