Caprica 1.12 “Things We Lock Away” Recap

This week’s Caprica was a wild ride for the characters. For me? About the same. How about you?

Bound By Blood

After successfully taking back his company from Tomas Vergis, Daniel thinks everything is peachy keen again. Not so fast, says Joseph Adama. Daniel needs to take out Vergis all together, because by his enemy being a Tauron, he will not let this latest power move slide.

After telling Joseph that he will handle Vergis, Daniel invites his nemesis to his house to discuss a nice severance pay, which Vergis can give two damns about, because he’s learned that Daniel has sided with the Ha’la’tha’, which means certain death for Vergis no matter what Daniel does. He asks for Daniel to kill him, because 1) it is Tauron tradition for a man whose death is coming to him anyway to go out the way he choses to and 2) Daniel pretty much has practically sealed the deal by siding with the Guatrau. Daniel refuses, but asks for Vergis to side with him to take out the Guatrau and the Ha’la’tha, which is like me trying to take down the crime syndicate in Jersey or something. Anyway, Vergis takes out a dagger that belonged to his father and asks for Daniel to swear his allegiance as a brother to him on it. As soon as Daniel touches the damn thing, Vergis stabs himself with it, fulfilling his wish to die by Daniel’s hand. STFU!

Daniel calls Joseph about the mess in his house and asks for help. While the Ha’la’tha’ clean up Vergis’s blood and disposes of the body, Daniel stands aside and watches. You’re in deep now, Graystone…

Double Cross (Amanda, Clarice, and Lacy)

While Amanda searches the cabin for anything incriminating on Clarice being an STO member, Lacy tries to break out of Clarice’s attic, which is where Olaf and Clarice are keeping her. We finally learn that Clarice’s other husbands and wives are possible S.T.O. members as well since they know about Lacy’s captivity in the attic.

Lacy realizes that Olaf and Clarice are drugging her. She refuses to eat anything unless Clarice brings it to her. When Clarice finally visits, she reveals that she only wants to know what happened to Zoe’s virtual heaven program. Lacy answers that it was destroyed, but divulges if Zoe had a back up then it will be in that infinity symbol pin, which is actually a storage device. Aha! Lacy asks what is her fate and Clarice reveals that Lacy must be sent to train with the S.T.O. camps on Gemenon. Lacy doesn’t want to do it, but she pretty much has no choice, which Clarice insinuates by saying “there’s been enough blood.” Olaf shoves Lacy in a car to the spaceport and gives her a ticket to Gemenon. He snarls that even though the ticket is a one way, he knows she’ll be back and he can’t wait. Is this the last we seen of Lacy?

Meanwhile, Agent Durham gives Amanda orders to infiltrate Clarice’s house. At first, Clarice declines to let Amanda stay due to the reluctance of her family. But with the recent revelation that Zoe’s program is in the infinity pin, which is located in the Graystone residence, Clarice has a change of heart and invites Amanda to stay with her so they can bond over Zoe. It’s crazy how both of these women are playing each other. Wonder which one will mess up first?

Battle of the Deadwalking Divas

The meat and potatoes went into mostly Zoe 2.0 and Tamara’s story line this week. Zoe 2.0 finds Tamara in the New Cap City version of the Caprican Buccaneers Pyramid, which houses fights to the “de-rez” death between the game players. Zoe 2.0 asks to see Tamara, who blames Zoe 2.0 for her death and her mother’s death as well. Tamara then sends some onlookers who also lost people in the MEG-LV bombing to kick Zoe 2.0’s ass. In Tamara’s eyes, while the real Zoe might be dead, Zoe 2.0 is the next best thing to take out some pent up anger on.

While all this is going on, Zoe 2.0 sees an apparition of another Zoe (it’s still not the real one) who has appeared to the real Zoe before as well. As Zoe 2.0 lays beaten on the ground, she remembers a lot of Zoe’s memories, which include the old Graystone house burning down and the fact that Zoe was actually the person who created the Cylon design! When Zoe realizes that Daniel took her design, she decides to up the ante and create her own avatar, which was how Zoe 2.0 was created. Talk about a huge revelation…

Messenger Zoe tells Zoe 2.o that she was not created to pay for the sins of Zoe and that she has a greater purpose. Whew. With this newfound confidence, Zoe 2.o finds the energy to fight Tamera and then talks the girl into not losing her humanity in the filth that is New Cap City. She asks Tamara to join her and the two girls leave the arena with a truce between them.

So what do you guys think of the new version of Zoe, which people are saying is the equivalent of the Messengers from Battlestar Galactica? Or what do you guys think about Zoe technically designing the Cylons? Great plot twist or not?

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