Caprica 1.10 “Unvanquished” Recap

Caprica is back and it didn’t hesitate to hold off answering what has been on fans’ minds since the show went on hiatus back in March. Cliffhangers are solved, surprises are sprung on us, and the fall of humanity becomes closer with each second.

“The Ultimate Drug To Heal The Ultimate Pain”

From television clips, we see that Graystone Industries is now in the hands of Tomas Vergis and Agent Durham is hot on the case of the S.T.O. car bomb. We are still in the dark of Amanda Graystone’s fate, but it doesn’t look good when seeing a disheveled Daniel Graystone, who has clearly hit rock bottom.

Graystone meets with the Ha’la’tha’ and the Guatrau with the aide of Joseph and Sam Adama. He offers the crime boss the “cure for human grief”, which is basically the ability of recreating dead loved ones in the V-World, ala Zoe 2.0 and Tamera 2.0. The Guatrau tells Graystone he will think about it, but has Joseph stay behind to talk. The Guatrau asks for Joseph’s true feelings on Graystone, which are that he doesn’t like him and he thinks the tech Graystone talks of is a disgrace. Nonetheless, the Guatrau is interested and selects Joseph as the overseer of the project and promotes him to a higher rank (which I have no clue of the title).

Sam and Joseph meet Graystone at his house where they talk the terms of the deal, which is access to to the stuff Graystone needs to do the job. Graystone wants be able to do the job while in command of his own company. Joseph and Sam want to know how much Graystone wants this, so they show Graystone that they have rigged his mother’s car with explosives and want him to pull the trigger, because they “sign their deals in blood.” When Graystone resigns to do such an act, the Adamas reveal that it was a trick to see what lines Graystone is willing to cross. Joseph suggests that he turns away before making up his mind.

After getting some intel from a ‘trusted’ source within his company, Daniel makes a deal with the Guatrau, which is “offered freely.” The two men shake on it.

Meanwhile, Graystone emails a video message to Amanda. At this point in time, we think that Graystone has simply lost it… but he hasn’t. Why? Amanda Graystone is alive and well! However, she looks like crap and is staying in a secluded cabin in the middle of nowhere.

Amanda starts to send a reply to her husband, but is interrupted once her new roommate walks in. That new roommate happens to be Sister Clarice, fresh from her trip from Gemenon. What the hell is that about and how the hell did it come to be?

Time to Take The Offensive, Graystone…

Vergis is in full command at Graystone Industries and asks about the charred U-87 bot, which Graystone’s right hand man Cyrus says is “toast.” This prompts Vergis to call the droid a “toaster”, which might’ve gotten some chuckles from fans, but only got an eyeroll from me. I blame my hatred for Vergis.

Vergis orders the machine to be melted instead of boxed, but he notices Cyrus’s hesitation. When Cyrus is prompted, he tells Vergis the droid was Grayston’s obsession and he’s glad to see it go.

But au contraire, Cyrus is actually Graystone’s spy and he reports everything back to his former boss. After telling Graystone that he is hesitating melting the U-87, he reveals the original copy of the MCP is destroyed, but that the copies work, which only renders them as killing machines. Graystone is pissed, but he eventually tells Cyrus to stay low in the operation. This all that Graystone needs to make the deal with the Guatrau.

Do You Want To Serve God… Or Do You Want To Be God?

A group of strangers descend upon the Caprican stadium crowd and it is clear that these people are terrorists. The shocking thing is seeing Sister Clarice Willow amongst those in the crowd as the stadium explodes and crumbles.

False alarm. It’s only a holoband scenario which Sister Clarice put together to show the conclave of Monotheist elders how Apotheosis could benefit the cause later on down the line. “I offer you a religion that removes the need for faith, a religion of certainty,” Clarice tells the elders by creating a virtual heaven for those whose faith relies with the one true God. I think it’s practically insane…

One of the elders, whose name is Obal (Winston Rekert), thinks that Clarice has her roles mixed up by trying to be a religious leader instead of a member of the S.T.O. Clarice then demands to meet with “Mother”, which Obal reluctantly agrees to set up.

Obal meets with Mother (the legendary Meg Tilly) who wants to know Obal’s thoughts of the “digital Heaven” and of Clarice. Obal considers it a “blasphemy” and thinks Clarice has a “messiah complex.” Mother gives Obal the go head to take care of Clarice as he may, which in his case is killing her.

Meanwhile, Clarice talks with a S.T.O. guard named Diego, who tells her of Obal’s plan to have her offed. He doesn’t know if Mother gave the go ahead or not. Clarice speaks of a time a decade ago where the S.T.O. used to be the cream of the crop due to the Church’s urge to remain neutral with it’s neighboring polytheist worlds. They vow to make a change.

Later, Clarice reminisces about Zoe revealing her plan, but is interrupted by Obal. He comes to take her to see Mother. Along the way, the two discuss the ability to “turn code into a soul”, but while listening to Clarice ramble, Obal asks her if she wants to serve God or be God.

Obal leads Clarice into a large room where other Elders and Diego show up to kill Clarice. Instead, the group kills a surprised Obal while Mother watches from above before turning her head in disgust. Later, Clarice finally gets to meet Mother, who plays as if she didn’t have anything to do with trying to kill her. The conversation then turns to Apotheosis, which Mother explains as getting inthe way of God’s plan, but… she likes to know what happens every now and then. Mother then grants Clarice anything she will need to “complete her science project.” Uh-oh…

Dead Walker Showdown

A cloaked figure walks around in the V-World in New Cap City and are stopped by a combination of rejects from the cult classic films The Warriors and A Clockwork Orange. They taunt the figure, who they dub a dead walker and my mind immediately goes to Tamera, but the thugs have Tamera’s insignia tattooed on them. They threaten to take the cloaked figure out, despite dead walkers being unable to die. The cloak comes off and it is actually Zoe 2.0! She proceeds to kick ass and take out all of the thugs except the leader whose body she can control mentally. Zoe 2.0 asks about Tamera’s whereabouts, but when the guy can’t give her an answer she takes him out, too.

Wow! Is there a battle brewing between the dead girls?!

Small Bits

– Lacy is still caught up in Barnabas’s trap, but is she starting to enjoy her newfound home? This scene was such a throwaway that it just came as an afterthought when I was about to close this recap. What did you guys think? Could it mean something more?

– There were plenty of parallels being made tonight between Clarice Willow and Daniel Graystone’s story lines, especially with deals being made in both scenarios over creating the same ideal goal, albeit on two different ideological levels. I smell another deal being made between Graystone and Willow, because they technically have the same goal, but their differences could be the spark that sets off the chain of events that lead us to BSG.

That’s it for me. Stay tuned for Michael Mahoney’s review of tonight’s episode!

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