Caprica 1.06 “Know Thy Enemy” Recap

As the previouslies played before Caprica Friday night, I was scared that the episode would be a fondue of confusion and bad “WTF” moments, but the dish turned out to be delicious even with the non-chewable bits that I had to spit out to continue enjoying my meal. We got some answers, but in place of that we got more questions. We have a new villain in Tomas Vergis and we FINALLY got to see James Marsters in action as the allusive Barnabas, who might rank as one of the creepiest villains on a TV Guide countdown in the future.

Graystone Vs. Vergis Round One: It Is SOOOOOO On!

A Month Ago…

Tomas Vergis (John Pyper0-Ferguson) returns to his company to find that not only was his lab broken into, but that his Meta-Cognitive Processor (MCP) chip stolen and two of his men were killed to get. And that makes him a saaaaaaaaaad and vengeful panda…

While Daniel and Amanda celebrate their newfound acceptance back into society and Daniel’s job being locked (for now), the mood is shattered as Daniel discovers that Vergis has crashed his party. The two share words, mostly Vergis ‘accusing’ Daniel of stealing his tech and killing his men in the process. Daniel feigns innocence, but Vergis knows better and wonders what would happen if the board found out about how Daniel made his latest great save. Vergis is going to be a problem.

Daniel talks with Cyrus later about the situation and how he thinks Vergis wants to blackmail him and reveals the method he used to get the MCP, which was using the Ha’la’tha’ Crime Syndicate to get the merchandise. Cyrus freaks out and Daniel tells him that there is no crap at Graystone Industries. But it seems that it’s a bad thing for a Tauron to off another Tauron, which is where my first non-chewable piece of meat comes from. I will explain later.

Cyrus, after calming down, advises that Daniel meet with Vergis to see exactly what he wants. Daniel then leaves to go take care of some business. The whole entire time this conversation is had, Zoe watches/listens and is perturbed by her father’s actions.

Meanwhile, Joseph Adama tries out his newly purchased Holoband (which comes in a cheap ass plastic case) and is confronted with an avatar of Daniel who greets him to the V-World. While the avatar can’t comprehend his pleas to help find Tamara, Joseph is yanked out of the V-world by Daniel himself who wants answers into what went wrong with the MCP theft, because Vergis knows and that’s a problem. Joseph claims that if Vergis really does know then he would be dead right now and the Guatrau would look for revenge for the mishap. This is the third non-chewable bit that I had to spit out (the second one was Ruth apparently letting Daniel into the apartment, which would totally go against her claims of hatred for the Graystones). Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t the Guatrau already know about the theft since he OK’d it in exchange for Joseph to deliver that message to the racist Minister Chambers in the pilot? If that’s the case then why would he (the Guatrau) be pissed? Either way, Daniel thinks that Joseph set him up and warns him to watch his back.

Daniel starts to have thoughts about the men who were killed to get the MCP. The thoughts consist of the men being chopped up and blood flying everywhere.

The next day, Daniel and Vergis have a steak lunch in the Graystone boardroom. Instead of cutting through steak, Daniel wants to cut to the chase and find out what Vergis has up his sleeve. Vergis shocks Daniel (and myself) by saying that he has moved pass the MCP situation and wants to buy the Caprica City Buccaneers from Daniel for 300 million cubics. Daniel chuckles it off, but Vergis says that for Daniel to get the MCP working correctly then he needs “cold hard cash”. Hmmm…

Daniel and Cyrus discuss the offer and Cyrus is all for the money, but Daniel knows something is up, because Vergis isn’t a pyramid person and him wanting Daniel’s team doesn’t make sense. Daniel wants to see what other cards Vergis has up his sleeve, not matter if Vergis is technically the only person who can help with the MCP.

Vergis appears on Backtalk With Baxter Sarno and Daniel gets his answer to the puzzle after hearing Vergis reveal that he’s going to get citizenship to live on Caprica. But later that night, Daniel’s thoughts/nightmares about the two men who died reveal that he technically has innocent blood on his hands, which no amount of counseling can wash off.

The next morning at the Graystones’, Vergis and Daniel have a drink. Daniel tells his competitor that he is not selling his team and that he knows his plan, which is trying to gain a Caprican persona so that he can steal the military contract from Graystone Industries. Vergis says that while Daniel is warm in his theory, he is wrong. Vergis wants to basically destroy everything that Daniel loves, or as he so eloquently stated: “My dream is to tear up your dream…”


But Vergis doesn’t stop there. He further shoves the dagger into Daniel’s guilty conscious by showing his tattoos of every kid in his life, two of which belonged to the two men whose blood is on Daniel’s hands. He then concludes by saying first that he is Tauron and that they believe in blood for blood and second that he will destroy every tier of Daniel’s happiness until the debt is paid in full.


Joseph’s Quest

After being called out by Daniel, Joseph talks with Sam on how the Guatrau will be pissed if he finds out that they stole from another Tauron and wants to know if there is anything that could link back to him. Sam declares that he did his part and that Joseph needs to do his. Color me lost and pissed at Sam now.

But Joseph doesn’t do that, he has bigger fish to fry on finding Gamer. He turns to Evelyn (Teryl Rothery), his assistant in helping him find Gamer, who she eventually does locate. Turns out that A) Gamer’s name is Tom Thorean and B) Evelyn might has a thing for her boss given her new interest in Joseph’s freshly tatted up chest.

Zoe 2.0/U-87 and Philomon Sitting in a Tree…

Creepy Philomon is pissed that not one girl in all the twelve worlds has responded to him in V-Match, an online service. But the crazy thing is that he starts to hit on the U-87 robot and gets caught by Daniel, who reprimands the creep. Later while no one is looking, Zoe 2.0/U-87 sends Philomon a message on the V-Match site. Philomon receives the message and logs in to the meeting spot in a V-club where he finds ‘Rachel’, who is Zoe in complete 180 dork ‘disguise’. Philomon remarks how ‘Rachel’ looks like Zoe Graystone and she lies that she did it to turn off pervs. HA! But Philomon remarks that despite what people said about Zoe, at least she had some “merits”. Hmmm…. Has Zoe 2.0 found another ally?

Meet Barnabas

Keon talks to Barnabas about seeing Lacy, who Barnabas is leery of. Despite that fact, he still agrees to see her. Oh and did I mention that he is cutting himself by wrapping some barbed wire around his arm? Tres creepy…

When Keon brings Lacy to Barnabas, she states her case, which is spotty to Barnabas since Lacy won’t reveal what the cargo is and what hell it might unleash when it hits Gemenon. Lacy’s reasoning is that she doesn’t want to tie Barnabas to the criminal implications that would come afterwards. Barnabas has heard enough and tells Lacy to kick rocks. He then reprimands Keon for not thinking clearly when it came to Lacy, which Barnabas first contributes to Keon’s member and then on the fact that it was Keon who made the bomb that blew up the MEGLAV! Keon says that Lacy doesn’t know that, which Barnabas counters with God not liking secrets and that until he knows what the cargo is, he will not help Lacy.

Speaking of secrets…

Sister Clarice and The Mission: Impossible

After hearing news of more V-Cafe bombings, Sister Clarice is furious because Barnabas could be responsible for them, which is putting the S.T.O. in a bad light. But Nestor AND Olaf (I KNEW IT!) have a way for them to swipe the technology that was used to create Zoe’s avatar. The thing is that Clarice, Nestor, and Olaf want to use the V-World as the means for an afterlife since the avatar can be seen as a continuation of the soul in their eyes. WOW! The two men give Sister Clarice her mission, which is to infiltrate the Graystones household and get the tech by using a device called a ‘swipe drive’ that wirelessly copy and compress data from a computer. Her method of getting in? Play on Amanda Graystone’s emotions…

Clarice calls Amanda and praises her appearance on Backtalk with Baxter Sarno, which warms Amanda’s heart. Clarice asks if she could stop by and view Zoe’s room in a means to say goodbye, but Amanda reveals that the GDD stripped Zoe’s room clean. But Clarice doesn’t let that stop her as she comes up with a lie that she has books that belonged to Zoe and wants to return them. Ding! Ding! Ding! And Open Sesame!

But before she goes to the Graystones, Clarice enters the virtual world to talk with Alvo again about “apotheosis” and how the Conclave doesn’t understand it. Alvo tells her that Barnabas is like an idol to the S.T.O. and that Clarice is only hating on his game. Clarice believes that Barnabas is only dirty player and isn’t the answer from God. She has a way and if they will just give her time, she will give them great results.

Clarice makes it to The Graystones and she and Amanda hit it off quickly by bonding over the loss of Zoe, some strong liquor called Scorpian Ambrosia, and their hate over Agent Duram. Amanda shows Zoe’s room to Clarice and laments over how the GDD came in and took everything. Then Amanda lets slip that GDD didn’t get to snag the pictures Zoe made that are still in Daniel’s lab, which the GDD couldn’t touch due to the military project. Amanda, feeling either bold or lonely, offers to show the pictures to Clarice and like that Clarice is in the lab like Flint. Blame it on the Goose.

Once in there Clarice quickly notices the U-87 robot, which opens up the window Clarice needs. While Amanda gloats about how Zoe hated Daniel’s work, Clarice has planted the swipe drive on Daniel’s computer and sucks up all the intel. Amanda feeling very good thanks Clarice for coming over before giving her a hug. Clarice, having finished swiping the intel, says she’s “glad to give”. Zoe 2.0 gawks at this display of affection.

Later after an opium binge, Clarice passes out in her bed. Nestor and Olaf are ecstatic that Clarice, who is in her own drug induced world, pulled off the mission. And hell is about to break loose soon.

The Caprican

– So we finally found out that either some or all of Clarice’s husbands and wives are involved with the S.T.O. We also found out their reasoning for wanting Zoe’s tech, which also could be Zoe’s plan after all: to use the V-World as an ‘afterlife’. While it makes total sense, what happens if the V-World catches a virus or something? Just asking, because while the heart and idea is there, they might want to do thorough research on this idea, which could be disastrous if it fails.

– Wonder what Zoe is plotting with Philomon? She is going to skewer him three days from Sunday and I will laugh the entire way.

– Amanda’s gullible attitude tonight can be attributed to the fact that she basically doesn’t have any friends now and would welcome anyone no matter who they are. It’s a bit sad really, especially since Clarice practically played her last night, which means it will be easy the next time someone does it. I pray that Amanda doesn’t remain meek and without a backbone, because I bet deep down inside her is a fighter waiting to catch someone by the throat.

– Daniel is another character I fear for, because he’s getting hit on all sides and is going to gain whiplash from trying to watch his back every five minutes. I think knowing that two men died for his latest achievement is going to haunt him more than the death of Zoe a little, because that was not what he signed up for. But something tells me that Sam didn’t kill those men and that there is something fishy about the whole scenario. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a third party involved with the slayings and if they are Tauron then the Guatrau either knows about it or someone is trying to set up the Adamas.

– Now let’s talk about the non-chewable bits. #1 Ruth letting Daniel Graystone in the house?!?! Since when??!?! #2 How in the hell could the Guatrau possibly be upset about the Vergis theft if he supposedly OK’d it in the pilot episode? Am I missing something here? Please correct me in a response below. #3 The conflicting nature of the Tauron’s way of life: is it an eye for an eye or let things go? It’s one or the other or do they do both? Either way, the Adamas and the Taurons that I have seen so far are working my nerves.

– Speaking of which… Why does Vergis get special treatment and other Taurons don’t? Will they call him racial slurs after he get his citizenship? While I have no love for the man’s arrogance, I still understand his anger at Daniel. It’s plausible. What man wouldn’t want to go after someone for pulling the crap Daniel did? But I hope that he doesn’t use too much of Tauron influence to get his revenge. But then again I don’t want him to get his revenge, because that would be the end of Daniel Graystone and that would make me a saaaaaaaaaad Panda.

– James Marsters as Barnabas had me jumping out of my seat especially when he yelled for Lacy to go. I can’t wait to see ore from him, because last night was nothing but a big ole tease! The man is going to rock and I can’t wait for him to take names while he kicks ass all over the Twelve Colonies. I wonder how many factions of the S.T.O. are within the organization, which is ridiculous to have because how can you be unified under one true God if there is dissension among the ranks? Wait. That’s our culture…

See you peeps next week!

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