It Sounds Like God of War is Coming to Amazon Prime

credit: God of War

Bringing video games to the small or big screen has been the fans’ desire for years now, and in many cases, it’s been a successful or dismal attempt depending on how each movie or show has been received. In some cases, it would have been best to leave the idea on the back burner for a while to make sure that it was released at the right time, while in others, it might have been never to consider the idea at all. When talking about God of War, though, it feels as though its time on Amazon Prime might be a risk; it could end up being something that might be highly successful as well. The streaming service has enjoyed a good deal of success since being established, but there have been plenty of movies and shows that didn’t perform as they were supposed to. One big caveat with anything derived from a video game is that changing things can alter the entire idea in a way that the fans might not accept. Nevertheless, it’s live-action series may take off in a big way so long as those working on the project can create a healthy balance between the source material and their vision. 

credit: God of War

It feels as though a few things will change during the series

This is inevitable, to be fair, since not only do many writers and directors have their vision for any given idea, the practical side of filming a series takes over rather quickly as everything from budget constraints to the skills of the actors can alter the attempt to create something that holds up the video game lore. God of War has plenty of elements within the story that could be changed for one reason or another, though fans are bound to pick up on the changes and react in their ways. Trying to anticipate what changes will be made is nearly impossible since it depends heavily on who’s directing and in what direction the story is meant to travel. One major issue with quest games is that they will tend to follow a rigorous course, but even that might change to a director’s wishes. 

A live-action representation could be a challenge

It does stand to reason that this series will be very effects-heavy since the game is fantasy, so there will be many supernatural moments that will emerge, and these will require all hands on deck to make sure they come through the way they’re meant to. There are bound to be plenty of practical effects since, despite being a fantasy-laden story, many settings and aspects of the game can still be created using real-life items and environments that will fit the bill. Depending on the budget, though, it’s fair to think that the effects might take over at some point regarding the setting or even the more minor details needed to make this story work. 

credit: God of War

One has to wonder how long the series will last or if it will be a limited series

Like most series, it might depend on how the first season does and whether or not it’s worth bringing back since plenty of shows at this time are being given one season to prove themselves, and several have been nearly axed from their spots despite the buzz that they were supposed to create. As a video game adaptation, it does feel as though this idea has plenty of gas in the tank to make at least two or three seasons, but if the goal is to present the game in a truncated fashion, then it might not go beyond one or two seasons before it starts to run dry. Of course, fans of the games might deny that it could be as effective upon being shortened in any way. Still, it’s wise to remember that some of the most popular ideas within the last few years have been shut down without a second thought simply because things didn’t appear to work out in the first season. 

There’s currently no release date or cast to speak of

Unfortunately, there’s no telling when this series will hit Amazon Prime yet, nor is there any clue as to who will be cast in which role. It’s very likely that plenty of people, gamers especially, could say who they’d like to see in which part, but until that list comes out, it’s unknown how efficient the cast will be or when people will be able to expect this series to land. By that point, however, it’s fair to say that there will be plenty of rumors flying around, as is customary. 

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