Caprica 1.02 “Rebirth” Recap

Caprica 1.02 “Rebirth” Recap

Caprica had a lot of WTF moments last night, but not in a good way. The story moved along, but character actions were kind of… scattered. Anyway. Let’s get to it.

Caprica: One Month After The Bombing

We see Zoe 2.0/U-87 having flashes of Zoe’s old life, her own memories and the U-87’s current memories. While Zoe 2.0/U-87 lies on a work table, Daniel Graystone and Cyrus Xander discuss the problem they are having with the MCPs not taking with the other droids, but only the U-87. Even copies of the MCP won’t work with the other droids, as if the bonding of the initial MCP with the U-87 droid is unique in some way.

Ya think?

All in all, Daniel has the lab technicians prep the u-87 droid to send to his house, where he will see what the problem is.

While Amanda searches her home for old movies of Zoe, Lacy is invited by Sister Clarice to her house for dinner. As Lacy reluctantly accepts the invitation, she gets a call from Zoe 2.0. Lacy wants to bring Sister Clarice in on their secret, but Zoe 2.0 makes Lacy swear to leave Sister Clarice out of the loop. Before Zoe 2.0 can finish talking to Lacy, the lab techs return. Lab Tech #1 sneers and leers at the machine as if it was a drunken college girl. Lab Tech #2 actually dubs the machine a girl, which wigs out Lab Tech #1, because that clearly (and inadvertently) called him out on his perverse nature. All while the two men bicker, Zoe 2.0/U-87 watches intently…

Kick ass opening credits!!!!!!

The world of Caprica has moved on past the train bombing except for The Graystones, The Adamas, other mourners of lost ones and that irritable Agent Duram. The opening scene is set at a pyramid game that features the Caprican Buccaneers, owned by Daniel Graystone, who is there in attendance with Amanda. After the national (world?) anthem, Amanda is ready to go, because she is not ready to face the public yet. Elsewhere, Joseph Adama tries to contact Daniel about the resurrection of Tamara. He then realizes that he is parked outside Tamara’s school to pick up William, who is in elementary school.

Lab Techs #1 and #2 are prepping Zoe 2.0/u-87 for transport, when Lab Tech #1 gets fed up and ties down the droid, claiming that “she likes it rough. She told me…” See? Undercover Pervert. Zoe 2.0 is not amused…

Joseph comes home where William is already there and knows that Joseph went by Tamara’s school instead of his. Joseph denies it. Ruth hands Joseph an invitation to a memorial service for those who lost someone in the train bombing. She mentions that the memorial was funded by the Graystones, which causes Joseph to snap at her.

While Amanda watches home movies of Zoe, Agent Duram shows up at her door with questions about Ben Stark, who Amanda has no recollection of. Agent Duram presses that she must know something since Ben was Zoe’s boyfriend. Amanda doesn’t believe this, because Zoe never mentioned Ben. When she realizes that Zoe had more secrets than Scrooge McDuck had gold, she tells the agent to leave while she ponders what happened to her daughter.

The two lab techs arrive at their location and they find that the U-87 has burst out of it’s box and is going nuts. The scene intercuts the U-87 with Zoe 2.0 in place of it. (I need to mention that this has been happening and will continue happening with Zoe 2.0 and the U-87). The kinder, gentler Lab Tech #2 calms the machine down and removes the MCP chip to shut it off. Later as the guys get the thing into the place, they bicker some more and marvel at the beauty standing before them. Then Lab Tech #2 inserts the MCP into the machine and runs a diagnostic, but Lab Tech #1, being the masochist he is, decides to grab the thing by the neck and tries to run a drill in it. Zoe 2.0/U-87 (and I) have had it. The droid chops the lab tech’s finger off and the guy goes wild. After finding the digit, the two technicians leave for the hospital, while Zoe 2.0/U-87 marvels at the blood it just shed.

The Adamas try to have a Tauran dinner, but William doesn’t like it and Joseph is just preoccupied with the empty seats at the table. He snaps out of it long enough to promise William some take out food, which causes Ruth to give up with cooking Tauran food. While she and William clear the table, Joseph has an image of Tamara touching him, jolting him back to reality.

Amanda finds Lacy so she can ask the girl about Zoe. Amanda asks the girl was Zoe running away from her, to which Lacy responds that all she know is that Zoe told her of a new family waiting in Gemenon. Poor Amanda…

While Daniel plays his piano, Lab Tech #2, whose name is Philomon, suggests that the MCP has pretty much diffused some of its control to the peripheral subunits of the U-87. Daniel says that they only made one soldier and need 100,000, which means their problems are still stacked against them.

Lacy shows up at Sister Clarice’s house and into the Caprican version of Big Love. Sister Clarice belongs to a group family, which consists of multiple wives and husbands and a houseful of kids. Sister Clarice’s younger husband, Nestor, seems to have an eye for Lacy. Can I say “eww” and not offend anyone? Later, Nestor and Sister Clarice talk with Lacy about family, but Nestor diverts that conversation to Zoe and Zoe’s artistry with computer technology. Nestor just so happens to be a computer programmer who says that computer programs outlast their inventor. He then mentions that Zoe might have been an artist and that her work will live on. Hint hint… If he only knew…

Sam takes William to Little Tauron and reveals to us that he’s gay and to his nephew that he is a gangster. He gets a call from someone, who I am assuming is the Guatrau. They need a job done. As they walk up onto a shop, Sam gives William a pep talk on control and power as he lunges a garbage can into the shop’s window. As they walk off, the cops come and cuffs the both of them and then sends them to the police station. That is one warped uncle…

Meanwhile, Amanda visits Daniel in his office, while the Zoe 2.0/U-87 watches. Amanda looks at the droid and comments on how monstrous and hideous it looks, which hurts Zoe 2.0’s feelings. Amanda then asks Daniel to go with her to the memorial, but he mentions that he has a lot of work to do and that maybe Amanda should go on her own. Daniel’s butler robot then announces that Joseph Adama is at the door. Daniel denies Joseph an invitation in.

After Lacy leaves, Sister Clarice and Nestor are approached by two of the other wives and husbands. They want to know what is the deal with Lacy and why did it seem as if Nestor was going in for the kill on the kid. Sister Clarice assures them that nothing is going on and that she is only trying to help a lost student. Then one of the husbands mentions Sister Clarice’s “track record”, which turns the room cold. Sister Clarice then leaves for a walk.

After some procrastination, Daniel tries to sum up if Zoe 2.0’s programming is lost, then how is the droid not letting him copy the programming?

While watching home movies of Lacy and Zoe, Amanda notices that Zoe is wearing an infinity lapel pin. She becomes agitated and stops the video. Daniel enters and asks why does Amanda want to go to the memorial, because he doesn’t want to think about Zoe or anything period. He lays in Amanda’s lap and vents out his anger. He then finally says he will attend the memorial with her. Meanwhile, Lacy returns home and gets a call from Zoe 2.o telling her that they need to meet, because it’s urgent.

The cops let Sam and William go and Sam gives him more advice, which mostly consists of How to Survive the Tauran Thug Lifestyle. But this piece of advice involves guilt and how to flip it. When William gets home, Joseph is not happy to find out that his son skipped Tauran school. Joseph talks about how the school teaches family unity, which prompts William to say that it’s hard being a family when there is no family. He then tells his father that he will accept his punishment. But Joseph can’t do that and gives his son a hug… and William’s day in criminal school pays off. Sam should be proud…

Sister Clarice ends up at a hookah bar, and engages in some heavy duty drugs it seems. Also it looks as if she had been sober before now, which makes this hookah trip a bad thing…

Lacy finds Zoe 2.0/U-87 in Zoe’s old room. After Lacy’s initial shock, the two “friends” discuss the anomaly that is Zoe 2.0, who laments that she is three things at once. Lacy says that Zoe is a trinity, which is three faces of one thing. Zoe 2.0 also says that she checked the computer files and knows that Daniel can’t put her in other robots. The two friends share a hug.

At the memorial, Amanda tells Daniel that she doesn’t want to say anything on the stage, but she does want to go talk to some of the parents from the high school. Amanda eventually runs into Mrs. Stark, Ben’s mother, who obviously knew about Zoe way more than Amanda knowing about Ben. Amanda receives all of Zoe’s belongings from Mrs. Stark and within the items is the infinity lapel pin which sends Amanda into tears. Of course, Agent Duram is awfully close.

Joseph Adama demands to talk with Daniel, who finally relents. Joseph wants to see Tamara again, but Daniel says that she is gone like Zoe is. Joseph doesn’t believe it because Tamara didn’t disappear when he took off the Holoband. Daniel explains that from Tamara’s point of view, it was Joseph who disappeared. This hits Joseph in the gut that his daughter could be alone somewhere lost and disoriented. But the most crazy thing is about to go down next.

Amanda makes it her duty to approach the podium where people have been giving speeches about love ones all day. She starts off by saying that despite Zoe being her daughter, she really didn’t know Zoe at all. Then she drops the bombshell of the year while the crowd outside and viewers at home (Ruth, a high Sister Clarice and Zoe 2.0) watch on.

Amanda announces that she thinks Zoe may have caused the bombing. Why? Because Zoe was a part of the Soldiers of the One.

The crowd goes wild, nuts, and all kinds of insane.

Daniel grabs his wife and the two fight their way to the car, while Joseph Adama looks on.

The Caprican

– I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why Amanda would reveal such a big bombshell in the worst place possible. Not only that, but I would have made sure to throw Ben’s name in the mix as well. I hate that Zoe might be blamed for this entire incident, when she wasn’t even in on the plan to blow up anything. This is why my hatred of Ben will last probably throughout the show’s run.

– I am interpreting the whole Sam and William scenes in two ways. 1) That Sam simply was just showing Willie around Little Tauron and is just a lunatic or 2) that Sam is slowly stepping in to be a father figure for Willie, because Joseph is preoccupied with the deaths of Tamara and Shannon. All in all, I hope it has some significance in the future, because I like the Adamas and want their storylines to be sound.

– The scenes with Zoe 2.0 and U-87 were not needed in my opinion, but I do understand that Alessandria Torresani is a force to be reckoned with in acting chops and the producers would be fools to let her go. Oh well…

– Sister Clarice’s family reveal was very… random. I don’t know, but Sister Clarice’s entire storyline was a little scattered and felt wedged in to the overall episode. I am intrigued about her “track record”, though, so hopefully we will get to that soon. And do Lester and Sister Clarice know about Zoe 2.0? It wouldn’t surprise me if they did and it also wouldn’t surprise me if Nestor and Sister Clarice are the only ones in their family affiliated with the STO. Think about it…

Sorry for the late recap, guys. But what do you think? Did I miss something? Did anyone agree with anything that I saw? Speak out, but if you can’t accept other people’s opinions and can’t differentiate someone’s opinion from their personality or credibility, then this is not the place for you. Just putting that out there…

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