10 Things You Didn’t Know about Calvin Upshaw

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Calvin Upshaw

American Idol is back, and it’s better than ever in the eyes of fans. It’s time to see who has the most talent, and the most personality, so we can see who will take home the title of the next American Idol. Fans have already started watching the audition round, and it’s been a good time. There are some truly talented people who will show up on this season of the show, and Calvin Upshaw happens to be one of them. He’s got all it takes, and we think he’s going places.

1. He’s Only 26

With his voice, though, he sounds like someone much older. Not because he looks older – he does not – but because his voice just has magic in it. When he sings, we cannot believe he’s only 26.

2. He’s A Southern Gentleman

From a small town in Mississippi, he’s every bit the southern gentleman. When you grow up in the southern states, it’s almost impossible not to be. However, he was rightfully disillusioned growing up in such a small town. There are very few opportunities in the kind of town in which you grow up, and you don’t always know what to do with your life.

3. He Made Some Poor Choices

Without any hope of having a good future where he grew up, he made some choices he should not have made. He recognizes that now, but the wrong road was the one he initially chose. He doesn’t go into any detail about what he did or how he chose to live his life when he was younger, but he made it very clear that he didn’t make the best choices for a time, and he’s ready to rectify that situation in his life.

4. He’s Got Some Fans

Many fans were so excited to see him handed the golden ticket to Hollywood week, and they were not shy about stating the obvious. Many of the proud fans who wanted to see him make it further were from his own hometown, and they were quick to point out that this is a young man who is using his second chance in the best way possible.

5. Other Fans Weren’t Impressed

On the flip side, however, some fans were not super impressed with his talent. They asked for a refund if he makes it to Hollywood, they said his golden ticket was a sympathy vote, and they did not get his talent at all. However, the judges like him, so he’s headed to Hollywood.

6. Being Away from His Son Was Hard

While we don’t know what he did in life to end up being locked away, he was. He said that the hardest part of all it was being away from his young son. We don’t know much about his son other than the fact that he is 8, which makes Upshaw a teenage parent, but we know that he was away from him, and he feels he failed him. He recognizes that is not a time he will get back, and he’s not happy about it.

7. Katy Perry Is Taking Heat For Him

Fans are hitting her hard for choosing to take him to Hollywood – along with both Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan – but she’s not having any of it. She doesn’t care if fans think that she sent him to Hollywood because of his talent or because of his sad story. She sent him, she stands by her decision, and she’s not letting anyone tell her any differently.

8. He’s Passionate About His Music

No one can say that this young man is not passionate about his music. His entire Instagram feed is filled with reels of him singing, rapping, and dancing. In the very few he is not doing one of those three, he is talking about his music and promoting a new song he has coming out soon. He’s not going to give up, and he’s clearly hoping American Idol will fast-track him to the kind of talent and fame he wants to achieve.

9. He’s Private

Calvin Upshaw might be a man who has a sad story and some immense talent, but he’s not someone who is sharing too much about his life with anyone else. He’s sharing what he feels is appropriate, but he’s keeping the details to himself. We don’t know if he has any relationship with his son’s mother, or how often he gets to see his son, or anything about his family. He is not a man who shares anything.

10. He Has Killer Stage Presence

Whether everyone loves him or they don’t, it cannot be denied that this young man has some killer stage presence. He might need some improvement in areas of his singing, but that will come with time. He’s learning right now, and we have a feeling he’s going far.

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